Saturday, May 8, 2010

I got a Harley!!

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Now before you get all excited, this is not it. Never was much of a Soft Tail girl anyway. I had a 1200 Sportster years back which I kinda liked. But this is not the Harley that has come into my life. This is:

Notice the weed mat that he has shredded before I got the mulch down?

This is my neighbor's dog, Harley. He is less than a year old and sweet as can be. The grandson who really owns him should have called him Tiger, because that's exactly what he looks like. Orangey-brown down the back with black stripes all over. And yes, MIL, he is a pit bull.

Harley came through the bars of the gate one day when Studly and I were walking on the drive with Nick and Sassy. Nick was skittish but intrigued, whereas Sassy got her hackles up. Harley is very submissive and rolled over for my two to check him out. Eventually, he and Nick started playing, while Sassy put on her bib and got out a knife and fork.

Ever since, Harley has been spending his day at our house. Nick enjoys him, but Sassy barely tolerates him and runs him to ground frequently. He is quite happy trying to get them (or us) to play, but he is a rambuncious puppy and chews on everything! I've had to bring my gardening slippers in because he kept taking them to sleep with. He has dragged my weeding bucket all over the yard and chewed the bottom off of the water bowl.

Last night, Harley didn't go home when the sun set. He just sat outside on the lawn, barking at phantom things. That, of course, got Nick and Sassy growling and barking. Stud Muffin and I tried to take him home, but nobody was there. I tried both back gates, but they were locked up tight. There were two food bowls out for him. Uh oh. Sometimes the neighbor goes out of town for weekends to preach at small churches, and this was only Friday night. It could be a long weekend! Back Harley came as we drove the buggy home.

Harley spent the night on and off the porch, barking at things, then stomping back onto the porch right outside my bedroom window. When he'd return, Nick and Sassy would start up growling again. I had visions of Harley eating the wicker furniture and shredding the cushions before daybreak. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well. Eventually everyone settled down for the night, but I kept listening for porch furniture in the throes of death.

Thankfully, Harley's parents came home this morning and I could return him. They have a kennel for him out behind their fenced yard. Wish I'd known that last night. Shame on me for not snooping around back more. They were very sorry that he'd been causing trouble. They are caring for him because he ate the front pillars off of the grandson's house and he needed a break from puppy rearing. Everyone is hoping Harley outgrows this period, but I'm no dog trainer, so who really knows.

Note to self: Do not be nice to neighbor's dog (or any other) who come on your property. Don't pay them any attention, no matter how sweet and cute. Run them off by whatever means necessary... yelling, water hose, or bazooka. Otherwise, they will never leave!

I went out to take pictures of the garden. According to a not-very-happy Barefoot Gardener, there is snow falling in Minnesota. I thought she would like to throw snowballs at me to see the strawberries that are ripening.

Courtney is going to have fresh strawberries when she gets here next week!

And here is some baby broccoli!

Let's see how the lettuce is doing. Oh, no!!

Looks like Harley thought this was a good place to lie down. Right on top of the shade cover over the lettuce bed.

Does that look like a puppy butt-print to you?? I haven't decided what to do with this flatten lettuce. I will be watering tomorrow and see if it perks back up. On the other hand, do I really want to eat lettuce that tastes like a$$?


barefoot gardener said...

GAAAAHHHH!!! It's not fair!

*beats head repeatedly against the wall*

That's it! Make up a spare bed for me, darlin', cuz I'm movin' in! The first thing I am gonna do when I show up at your place is eat my way through your garden ;)

Just kidding. Kinda.

The strawberries look wonderful, and that brocolli.... well, ya know that's my favorite!

Good luck with Harley!

Liz said...

He is so cute! Not as cute as my pit bull, but a pretty close second :)

Lisa said...

But really, what dog could be cuter than one named Zombie!

Cheryl said...

I shall be coming there soon to steal the strawberries. However I shall be leaving all dogs intact...


P.S. Just because it is Mother's Day you did not need to pick up a new child!