Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've had enough!

This pretty much says it all. We have suffered with thunderstorms and tornado warnings since Friday night. And I mean ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG.

This shows how the water ripped away the road bed, leaving gas pipelines hanging.
All pictures from the Jackson Sun newspaper.

This is from right by the hospital where I did my clinical rotation. The hospital is just past the red cones at the top of the photo. Some students had a makeup day yesterday. One girl tried about 4 different approaches to the hospital and couldn't get through any of them. She posted a picture taken with her phone that showed this truck when the hole was about 1/2 the depth of the vehicle and not much bigger around. Now look!

They had to rescue people from businesses in South Jackson with a city dump truck!

And these people? Well, they are just screwed.

We finally made it out on to our own property just now. To the right, one stream is swirling around trying to make it through the drain pipe to the other side of the road.

This is the exit from the pipe.

At some point, the pipe must not have been able to keep up with the flow and the water ran over the roadway. It took a bunch of reinforcement rock with it.

We have a tree stuck in the gazillion dollar pipe we had to put in at the other creek two years ago when the creek took the road .

The exit to that pipe.

See all that whitish rock? It's supposed to be covering the road not the grass!

Let's just say I won't be mowing any time soon.

Psychosis will be setting in soon, since I can't get more than a nap without the weather radio blasting me out of bed. I have yet to recover from studying for my nursing final. The test itself was okay, but they won't tell us the scores or our final grades until tomorrow. Maybe.

There was a bit of confusion right before the test when the only guy in my clinical group hadn't shown up for the test. Definitely NOT like him. Turned out, he rolled his truck on the way to school. He has been transported to the trauma hospital in Memphis and is in the ICU with a broken hip and leg, skull fractures and swelling and bleeding in his brain. I hope this all works out soon and that he will be okay.

The only good news in all of this is that I harvested the first of the lettuce the day before the storms started.

They were yummy in a salad. I hope there will be more, but I'm afraid to go look at the vegetable garden. From the window, I can see that the garlic is blowing up some water wings, so maybe there will still be something left to grow for later!


Cheryl said...

Oh ugh...I hope you and Studly have water wings too...


barefoot gardener said...

YIKES! Sounds like you need to take those naps with a life jacket on....

Celticspirit said...

What a mess! I hope that rain stops soon. Keep dry.