Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm a sucker

Seriously.  I am such a sucker for certain vintage things.  Like red and white enamel kitchenware.  Let's examine the evidence piling up against me.  Literally!

I wish I could say that this was all I have.

But I noticed that in my shop, I have a related coffee pot that's missing it's lid (not shown cuz I was too lazy.)   I also had a large stock pot that I planted for Liz's porch.  That's why I have an extra lid in that rectangular box.

 I also seemed to be drawn to metal office products, like this file and the cash box.

I don't know what it is, but when I see them, I. must. have. them.  What's with that?

So here are some recent finds. 

There's the metal file box in the back. The silver plated mirror polished up really well.  The palm tree tray will get a paint job some day soon, but I think the birdcage is perfect as soon as I ripped all the ribbon off! The silver colored picture frames have already been converted into chalkboards.

I plan to list these in my currently-empty Etsy shop.  Soon.  I hope.

I got these at a little thrift store I stopped by on a lark.  The Brass doorknob plaque is by Bombay Company.  I can't decide to keep it as is, paint it, or take it apart and use the knobs in other projects.  The apothecary bottles have neat ground glass stoppers and cost my $3 for the pair!  Love 'em!

The lid-less kettle and ceramic candlestick met in the shopping bag, fell in love, and got married!  Don't they look happy with the paper hydrangeas I made?  Okay, maybe they need a potted plant instead.

I also got this hook/mirror wall thingy.  It never made it into the house (hence the crappy lighting) before I started reworking it.  I'll show you more when I get it finished.

Currently, I have a hundred dozen-ty projects in the works.  Everything takes multiple steps, so I work on more than one at a time.  You know, apply a coat of primer, then work on something else while the primer dries.  Then apply paint, and work on something else while that dries.  So not many projects are ready to show at the moment.  But I promise I will!!

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Pamela said...

Great finds Lisa! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Hope you have a fab week.