Friday, August 17, 2012

Why I love Home Goods!

I don't have a Home Goods store near me.  Probably a good thing, since I would spend all of Stud Muffin's money there, whether I need the stuff or not!  But, I have been impatiently eagerly awaiting the opening of the first store near Liz's apartment. We've been needing this store as we have outfitted her apartment and there may have been my nose prints on their front door for weeks now.

Yesterday, I ventured into town to help Liz find some artwork for her place.  We haven't had much luck elsewhere, but just knew HG would come through.  And it did!  In about 20 minutes, we found 5 pictures and assorted other goodies.

First up was this sweet print that we hung over her laundry room door. (Sorry about the crappy pictures.  I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!)

It's visible from the front door, so we thought it added a nice touch to the area.

Next came an owl canvass for the guest bath...

and a cute soap box decorated with "vintage" hot and cold spigots.  She still needs a small picture to go above the toilet (but under the cabinet) to add some color.

Liz found a print for her bedroom that looked like an embroidery or crewel stitchery.  (Yeah, no close up.  I'm so lame!)

The biggie we were after was something large to go above the sofa so you were looking at a blank wall when you entered the apartment.  Liz found the print on the right, then located the related one a few minutes later.

It wasn't until we set them on the back of the sofa  that we noticed they looked like one print cut in two.  The right print has a road slanting up towards the top with a lady riding a bike at the far left.  The left hand picture has a continuation of the road leading to a house.  How cool! 

The shutters are two of four that I found at my favorite junk store a while ago and didn't know what to do with them.  Liz wanted them painted yellow and distressed.  I hung one set in the living room...

and the other surrounding the message center I made to sell but she claimed before I even started painting!

Here is the before.  I found this for $5.50 at a charity shop and snatched it up!  I wasn't sure what the 3 cross bars were for (except decoration) but knew it would look better without them.

I painted the piece with two shades of green paint, turned the mirror into a chalkboard and  soaked the hardware and some wire in vinegar and salt to rust them.  I installed rusted "eyes" and ran the wire in a zig-zag pattern where the cross bars had been.  Some stained mini clothespins hold notes or photos.  I wish I had more of these!

I've finished another project that's been on the back burner.  This is based on an idea I found on Pinterest...combining vintage pans and candlesticks to make a two-tiered whatchamacallit.

I wasn't sure this would work, so I didn't take many pictures, but this includes two bundt pans and the parts for a couple of wooden candlesticks.  I put a brass cabinet pull on the very top.  

I'm keeping this one for myself because I glued everything together before I painted, so the paint job isn't perfect.  It was a pain to wrap and tape off the pans and then spray over and around the plastic. I don't recommend this technique!

Anyway, here it is.  The aluminum pans are worn from use and I might add some kind of graphic to them. 

With or without a graphic, I can see many uses for such an item, like a K-cup coffee station.  Or to hold craft supplies (not that ANYONE has stuff like that!)

Since this post has rambled on and on, next time I will share with you why I love my UPS guy, but don't tell Stud Muffin!  He might not understand the sentiment!

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