Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I love my UPS guy.

It's not really a secret.  I'm having a thing with for my UPS guy. Or maybe it's the Fedex guy. I'm not really sure. See, he usually delivers while I'm not at home (or possibly napping.)

Recently, whoever-he-is left me a brand new vacuum cleaner.  (*Giggle* I think he likes me too!)

 I wrote a little about it here.  I've used the vacuum a couple of times now and can honestly say I like it better each time! The hose is loosening up and I'm getting faster at attaching the hand tools and then switching back to the vacuum again.  I forgot to take pictures of the machine before I used it, and after cleaning my dog fur covered house, you really don't want to see it now!

Anyway, the other day another jumbo box was waiting on the porch.  I actually thought it was something Stud Muffin ordered from Amazon because I was told that something would be arriving.  Imagine my surprised when the box was addressed to me and this was inside!

Whoo hoo!  Another free appliance to test drive!  And this thing is killer!  (Get it? Ninja?)  Okay, bad joke, but it is the Mega Kitchen System 1500 and it includes a blender and food processor.  I don't even think this thing is available yet, at least my Google search didn't turn up anything.

Look at all the stuff in the box.   A ginormous blender pitcher, a food processor bowl with a smaller one that fits inside for smaller portions, 2 single-serve cups (for smoothies) and 6 different killer blades.

 And those blades are sharp!!  Want to know how I know?

That was just loading the parts into and out of the dishwasher.  *Sigh*   Oh!  And this thing is is so much smarter than me that I needed to use the Quick Start guide just to put the lid on the blender!  It kinda suctions on so it doesn't leak.

I made myself a smoothie after washing the parts (and cutting myself...twice)  Works great on ice cubes! I can't wait to try the food processor parts.

Okay, commercial over, but now you know about my adoration for my [insert delivery service name] guy.  He has a big thing for me and is wooing me with new appliances! 


Cheryl said...

Wow you are scoring! Keep in mind a certain sisters Christmas and birthday (that would be me not the OLDER one) when these boxes arrive...


Lisa said...

Well that would be a good idea, Cher, except that I have to use the product and answer surveys about them. Plus, I have two daughters in line ahead of you!!

You'll just have to sweet-talk your own UPS man!

Kelly said...

Alright, did I miss it? What group are you part of to get goods like this to try & report on? My CCoA membership sends me stuff, but it's goofy stuff, not awesome stuff. Although my gardening club did send me a new hand trowel to rate (which I love).

Lisa said...

Kelly ~ The group is a consumer panel called Euro-Pro that represents brands like Shark and Ninja. I'm not sure if anyone can join but go to www.ep.my-take.com and see if you can register. Another group is called Smiley360 and I have tried food products like Pam etc from them.