Thursday, October 25, 2012

A small panic attack is starting....

Well, it was inevitable. With all the hoarding junking collecting that has been going on around lately, it was time to bust-a-move and find an outlet for some of the projects.  Some things just aren't suitable for Etsy or are too big/bulky/heavy to sell online.

There is a cute store in Tiny Town that rents booths to vendors who sell antiques, collectibles, handmade items and upscale crafts. I've been talking with the owner for a while about setting up a booth of my own, when one becomes available.  It takes a while of sitting on a wait-list before your turn comes up.

The last time I was in the shop, the owner had just finished installing billboards around town advertising her Holiday Open House on the third of November. She told me that she makes space available to people who don't currently have a booth in her store and asked if I wanted to participate.

 Do I?? You bet!

She is still working out how the store will be arranged to accommodate the extra tables, so I'm not exactly sure how much/what size stuff I could bring in.

But in the meantime...chaos!!  The Open House is in 1 week!!

I've got a zillion projects in the works, large and small, some more done than others. I'm trying to come up with more "gifty" type things specifically for the Open House.

I hope I hear soon if I have a table or shelf unit.  Until then (and for some time after,) I will be in my garage working like a mad woman. 

And if I don't end up in the Open House??  Well, I will have a LOT more items to list on Etsy!

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