Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shhh! Don't tell Stud Muffin!

Confession time.

While I was out and about doing Domestic Goddess errands, I *happened* to stop by Goodwill and 1 other thrift store, and scored big!!

First up, three vintage square tablecloths:

My favorite one.

This one should marry the one above.

Pretty soft pink flowers.

Then a table runner with matching embroidering on both ends.

Love the bluebirds!

More pillowcases!

I have a serious blue/green/purple thing going on right now.

And my favorite bit of fabric today:

I wish there was waaay more of this. As it is, this is the smallest valance I've ever seen, only 8 inches by 36 inches!

So, if I didn't get as much done at home today, I had my head in the clouds (okay, dryer) waiting for my freshly washed finds.

I feel some more totes and aprons coming on. But, don't tell Stud Muffin, okay? He'll never find out!


Celticspirit said...

Hey I won't tell Studmuffin as long as you keep sending those brownies. What are you going to do with all this stuff? Make some kind of a creation or us as is?

Penny said...

I am turning a shade of green after seeing these finds!!!! I'm sure "Stufmuffin" is expecting you to make purchases like this already. I know my husband doesn't even ask anymore, he just assumes if I went "out", that I bought something. A very good arrangement indeed!

Lisa said...

Penny: I think Stud Muffin is getting the idea that things may appear without warning! I am still so tickled by my finds, I'm usually the one envious of other's blogs!

Barb: I am going to keep making totes. I am noodling the idea of maybe having a stand at the farmer's market someday, selling some of my garden bounty (if I ever get any!) and some wild blackberries, and then I can sell the market totes too! Don' think it will be anytime soon, though.

christina said...

Christina here, too cute, your finds. Are the pillow cases big enough for aprons? I like you farm stand ieda!!!!!! It might need some hanging baskets for sale!