Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a good welcome to the new year! We did what any redneck wanna-be would do to ring in the new year... shoot guns! Okay, settle down, we were shooting empty Coke cans propped up on straw bales, not at each other!

Not Quite Grown's official shooting footwear! Fits right in with the redneck crowd.

For some reason, my camera didn't like the pictures of Not Quite Grown's boyfriend, Manly Woodchopper, that I took and corrupted them. Or maybe he is a spirit that can't be photographed! All we can see are his feet. Hmmm?!

DH helped everyone with the handguns and we blew the cans away!

See! We're good and wear our ear protectors. That's my studio building in the background.

Ready to go!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Manly really enjoyed himself, and is a damn good shot, but Not Quite Grown decided that shopping is more her sport! It has been too darn cold to want to stand around outside these last two days, but we are hoping to get out the shotguns before Manly goes home tomorrow afternoon.

This morning was very busy, with me taking Nick the dog to the vet at o'dark thirty for a week's worth of indiscriminate vomiting. Meanwhile, the tree men came to take down a very large oak tree that died from all the trenching we did moving in. I've been worried about the tree coming down in a storm and hitting the house. DH and Not Quite Grown had to take the truck in to the dealer for some brake work, leaving Almost Grown and Manly to monitor the tree men.

That goodness that Manly was here! He had the best time splitting all that wood with an ax! I figured that it would take DH and I weeks to split it all by ourselves, even though the guys cut the tree into lengths. I wish I had been smart enough to bring out the camera, but I was so surprised that the tree was down before I got back from the vet, that we just got started working on it. It still took hours, but I think I have enough split wood for the rest of the season. We filled the two racks on the back porch, made a pile on the bricks that Almost Grown set down this summer, and started another pile by the garage.

I will get better at this blogging stuff someday and will remember to bring out the camera more often!

Till then, we are trying to burn the firewood nemesis which resisted Manly Woodchopper's ax and my power log splitter. We may use all of the kindling we have, but by God, we will burn this sucker!


Anonymous said...

MIL here--what caused Nicky to vomit and is he ok now???? (looks like you are all being careful with the guns-----thank heavens!!!!!)

Lisa said...

They think he might have a stomach parasite and is liquid medicine that he does not like! He even growled at me today when I gave it to him!

Hopefully, this will fix him right up, otherwise, the next step is more complicated and expensive and I promise he will like that even less!

Celticspirit said... never told me y'all were rednecks! ;) How could you keep such a shocking thing like that a secret? Ok just kiddin ya there. I'm glad to hear that you are having a good time with your youngins home. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Why is your handsome husband called DH? (angie)