Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sundays from Singapore: Some good and some bad


What a busy day this has been! It started out with a dream involving a large barbeque grill, some motorcycles, and a herd of elephants, but that's for another time. Then the thunder and rain came, but left quickly. Then I had to get up.

Today, I was to run the washer, because last night, the floor in the "yard" was covered in water. The rug that I have in front of the machines was drenched. I naturally accused the washer of having an accident, which it hotly denied. So I ran it, and watched little puffs of water spurt from under the machine. But then I noticed that the cold water hose was leaking at the bib and thought I had the mystery solved.
The offending washer pretending it's innocent!

So this morning, after the floor dried overnight, I went to run it again. Now, I was not about to stand out there in the muggy heat waiting for the appropriate draining to happen, so I kinda missed the actual cycle. But there was a bit of water on the ground, Of course, there was also water dripping in quantity from the ceiling accompanied by a multitude of paint bubbles and stains. *Sigh* The sky really is falling. I have reported the emergency to the building manager, along with the broken seal on the toilet that has turned it into a startling rocking chair in the middle of the night!

We received some guest room furniture from the same wonderful store that we got the dining set from. I was also to receive the replacement for the incorrect drapes in the guest room today. I have a corner window in that room, with a narrow side and a wider side, which the drape maker chose to ignore and provide two equal width curtains for a flat window. So the left side wraps around the corner and half way across the right window, which then pulls to the center of the deal instead of to the right side, but then it really can't open at all because of the wrapped corner. You following so far?

Crazy corner window with mismatched sizes.

Today, I was supposed to get a correct left side drape, and the existing two curtains were to magically transform into one wider drape for the right side, Instead, I got another piece of work that doesn't fit any window, being this time too narrow. So now I have 3 pieces that don't fit anything at all. This, I am told, will be remedied by 11:00 AM tomorrow. I can't wait to see what I get.

Now for the good news. Oh, you thought I already told you the good stuff?? Anyway, I got tired of running to the grocery everyday because I lack both the storage space and the mode of transportation to stockpile much. My shopping cart is too short and holds too little to be much help. So I broke down and did what any self-respecting ex-patriot Tai Tai (literally "ladies who lunch) and I called the provisioner who has called me faithfully for three weeks. Actually, I wrote out a shopping list, carefully including all the really heavy or bulky items like cases of Coke, and a few really hard to find American goodies like Stouffer's Mac and Cheese. I faxed the list over and then waited. Sure 'nuff, at about 5:30 this afternoon, Lawrence raced in with exactly what I ordered. The frozen foods were solidly frozen and kept in an insulated bag, and this little guy, no bigger than Not Quite Grown, carted in two cases of soda at break neck speed. Maybe that was the point, he was breaking his neck carrying it all!

I think I could get used to somebody bringing me my groceries everyday or every week, my choice. It all costs only a few pennies more per item than I would have spent at the market, and I can still stand upright. Next to try is the Swiss butcher who delivers free if your order is over $150S, which isn't hard when you can't get meat pieces like roasts in the market. Maybe he could come once a month or so and stock my shoebox size freezer.

So I will end the day, having taken a dip in the pool, by putting my feet up and reading a good book. I can rest easy knowing that my family will be well fed, and I won't have to walk slumped over to one side, limping like one of my legs is too short. I will, however, have to wear galoshes to do laundry, and a seat belt to stay safe in the bathroom.

Have a good day, all.



Penny said...

Lisa, you have such a way with words! Hope your Christmas was great and have a wonderful New Years!

Celticspirit said...

Thanks for my moring laugh. I sure did need it. :)

patrice said...

I just found your blog thru Bitter Betty and have really enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I've bookmarked you and am looking forward to more.
Happy New Year!
With warmth,

Lisa said...

Penny and Barb: Thanks for keeping me happy with your kind words.

Patrice...welcome! Glad you enjoy my ramblings! The Sundays from Singapore are emails I sent to family and friends when Dh and I and the kidlets lived in Singapore for 2 years.