Friday, December 14, 2007

Early Christmas gift for DH and some awesome singing

I want to promise y'all that crafting is taking place! But 'tis the season not to spill the beans before the receiverer person gets the stuff, so you'll just have to take my word for it. And I have the painted, glued, and sore fingers to prove it!

But yesterday, DH took delivery of his early Christmas present, a 45 gun safe. I know! Exciting, huh? Well it is to him and he has wanted one for some time. And this is the time of year to give the boy what he wants!

Two incredibly strong delivery men!

You know this thing is heavy when it cost a third of the purchase price to get somebody to drive it out to your house and wheel it into your garage! You also can tell it is heavy when it comes on a metal pallet! I think this safe weighs 700+ pounds, so there was no way I was putting it in my truck! The good news is that nobody is walking off with the thing.

So the guys come, armed with pallet lifts and refrigerator dollies, and easily maneuvered the monster into the garage.
That's DH removing the pallet. My hero!

After much shoving and wheeling... ta da!

One happy DH and his new safe!

In other news, my girls are coming home soon, starting with Almost Grown on Sunday, followed by Not Quite Grown on Wednesday. I just know my holiday funk will lift (evaporate and blow away completely) when they get home. And to get the funk-lifting started, a friend emailed this link for some incredible singing. I know it will brighten your day too!

Indiana U Chorale ~ Twelve Days of Christmas

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