Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The one with the yardstick

Photo by Brave Heart

I haven't been much in the holiday mood, and had even started a post about that. As my dear departed mother used to say, "If you can't say anything nice... go b*tch at someone else!" Okay, she didn't really say that, but I bet she thought it. A look around blogland tells me that this funk is affecting more than a few this year.

So I wasn't feelin' this whole festive season stuff. I'm on a diet to lose some a lot of weight, so baking is out, although I thought about baking some gingerbread men and then breaking their heads off, but decided that was a bit meaner than I actually feel. I'm hoping that things will get better once Almost Grown and Not Quite Grown get home next week.

This is where the yardstick comes in. Penny from sewtakeahike was kind enough to join my Pay It Forward Handmade. Then I got an email from her, saying she was sending ME something! Cool, a PIF victim that doesn't understand how it is played and is going to shower me with stuff!

The package arrived today! And in it, was the yard stick!

It is a stick about 7 inches long with a note attached, that reads:

"This is a yard stick. I found it in my yard. It has many uses!! You kin measure the gas in the mower, play catch with the old hound, stir yer coffee, threaten the kids with it, scratch where it itches, ward off a crook, you kin even start a fire with it. But whatever you do, don't put it back in my yard, it's yer yardstick now!"

How cool is that?!? DH and I were cracking up, especially since the yard stick came in bubble wrap!

Penny said that when she saw it, she thought of me immediately. I'm assuming she saw it at a craft fair or something, but I guess she also could have seen it in her yard! I'm not exactly sure why she thought of me, Was it the greyish color? The lumps and bumps on it? Or the fact that she knew I would just love it!

To top it off, Penny send some cool notecards with the letter "L" on them. (Psst! For Lisa!)

Thank you, thank you, Penny! It's beginning to feel more like Christmas around here! I know in my heart that it is better to give than receive, but dang! Getting a gift is pretty neat too! I think I'm going to put in on my Christmas tree...right next to the headless gingerbread man!


Penny said...

Hi Lisa, so glad you enjoyed the "yardstick"! So, this is the story. I was at my parents for Thanksgiving and my dad brings out this stick that had the "yardstick" story attached to it that a friend of his had given him. When I read it, I thought of you and knew I needed to make one for you! It wasn't the stick that made me think of you, but the story attached. It made me giggle like I do when I read your blog, so post-hocergoprocterhoc, I thought you would enjoy it too! There you go!

Lisa said...

I love it Penny! And I'm glad I make you giggle. Sometimes I'm afraid I come across as *snarky*, but I never mean to offend!

Anonymous said...

Almost Grown here: Can I come home yet? Or are you going to make me stay at school?

Also, I completely agree with your feelings on not being in the Christmas mind frame. I just can't while I'm still working way to hard on a paper I no longer care about. If I had my time machine, what wouldn't I do to Churchill and Roosevelt.... >:-(

Love you mucho and Daddy too! I'll be home soon and then you'll never get rid of me... mwahhhhhhhhhh! :-D

Shannon Martin said...

Hello, long lost blog friend. I too am in the funk of December depression. Decapitation of gingerbread men is too placid an activity for me, disembowelment maybe.....

Celticspirit said...

That's the neatest thing ever! The monogrammed cards are really cool too.