Friday, December 28, 2007

Presents revealed!

So, I have been crafting away for weeks before Christmas, but couldn't talk about the gifts here because, well, it would ruin the surprise. I made some other things as well, but here is the main line up.

Each girl got a set of decorated file folders for their important "grown-up" papers, like pay stubs, and bank statements.

They also each got a purse made by me, with a coordinating covered mini notebook, inspired by this tutorial.

Almost Grown's purse.

Not Quite Grown's.

Dh got a collage featuring baby pictures of Not Quite Grown to coordinate with the one of Almost Grown I made him last year.

Remember this post? I talked about making MIL some felt green beans? Well, that is exactly what I sent her for Christmas! She doesn't like many vegetables, but said she liked green beans. I cook my beans until they are bright green and tender, but people of a "certain age" seem to think they are poisonous if they aren't cooked until grey and whimpering for their lives. We had a bit of a "to do" over my beans and so I thought this would make a nice gift.

Beaded felt green beans with felt *pat* of butter!

Each girl also got a collage of a frequent saying of theirs. Almost Grown's says, "Have gone to find myself. If I arrive before I return, please ask me to wait!"

Not Quite Grown's says, "Daddy, I want a pony! Buy it for me NOW!"

Almost Grown got some sleeping shorts made from a flannel sheet with flamingos and Airsteam trailers on it. Not Quite Grown, who is moving off campus next year into an apartment, got an apron, made from thrifted sheets.

As for me, I got some novels, and some crafting books, including Secret of Rusty Things, a wire working book, and a book of vintage labels.

I also got...the latest issue of Victoria, and yes, that is a La Vie Claire magazine, located in "the big city!"

I hope everyone got fun gifts and had a wonderful time with their families! And now, back to reality!


Celticspirit said...

Wow Lisa! All the things you made are so creative and fun! I just love them. I wish I had your imagination and drive to create all that stuff. I especially love the collages of the sayings of the girls. I'm sure they will cherish them forever. Good job!

Penny said...

You were a busy bee!!! Love the beans and butter, and they just wouldn't be the same without the beads. Nice apron too! I bet your daughter can't wait to use it, it's so pretty!

Kevin - said...

It's so nice of you to make hand made gifts.

Anonymous said...

MIL here----these faux green beans are a hit with me, so it is no longer necessary for you to cook them for me when I visit you!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh no, MIL, I am honor bound to keep trying to get the beans good and dead for you!

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, my gosh! Can you be my Mom? I looooove those gifts, and am so incredibly jealous. I am going to steal some ideas for my fam next year, for sure!

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my homemade gifts! Feel free to steal any ideas you want.

Of course, everyone should make my MIL some more beans or other veggies and send them to her. She really likes them!