Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weather Update

Where did my pretty weather go?!?

I *had* to take the dogs out at 3:30 AM for a bathroom break and it was spitting little beebees at me in the dark!

Now, we are ever so slightly encased in ice, with a prediction of more rain and snow on top of it. Schools are closed, roads a mess.

I had to hang on to the porch railing to avoid slipping down the steps.

Little pellets frozen into a sheet in the mulch.

Frozeny solar light.

Even the half-naked Hula dancers are too cold to wiggle. Actually, the whirligig mechanism is frozen.

All the shiny stuff is sheet ice on the driveway.

And since our driveway goes up and down and is about 750 feet long, Stud Muffin is having to wait to leave for work. (Happy Dance temporarily postponed.) Actually, he is in the shower thawing out right now. I could go get a picture of that, too, if you wanted! No? Okay for you! I guess he is going to brave the driveway and hope the main roads are better.

As for me? Thank goodness, I did my errands yesterday. So, it is just me, a roaring fire in the wood stove, a hot cup of coffee, and a few projects in the studio.


letitiah said...

Careful not to freeze *your* whirligig mechanism!

Lisa said...

Mwahaha! Not to worry, letitiah! I will keep my mechanism moving fast enough!

MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@your non wiggling dancers....


Celticspirit said...

Ice huh? No thanks. It's cold here too but I just missed the snow. It snowed the day before I got here but most of it melted.

Gardener Greg said...

Drive slow if you have to drive at all. I remember those days up north. No ide or show yet here this year. Only a little freeze.