Sunday, April 26, 2009

Before MIL starts whining...

Warning: Blurry early morning photos!

I figured I better add a post! I heard just the start of a complaint about how boring I am since I haven't run myself over with the tractor lately, or been mauled by a giant beaver, or squirted hot, cooked beets around the kitchen. I guess life in sunny (read: hot) California isn't as much fun if I haven't become one with fencing through an air nailer accident. And I do try to please, but I just haven't felt up to being chased by a swarm of fire ants after I mow over their precious little condo-in-the-ground.

I am STILL trying to finish up the school semester. On two separate occasions, I asked (very nicely, I might add) two of my professors if we could just skip the final exam. Shot down both times! Can you believe it? Did I mention I asked nicely?!?

One professor for an online course, hasn't posted a grade or given any feedback since February. Do I really WANT to take his final?? I don't think so! In the other case, the lowest test grade will be dropped from the final score. As it stands now, my lowest test grade is ... 100%. I think I can safely say that taking this last test won't improve my score much, so I'd rather skip it. No go. Guess they might miss my shining face! Actually, I think I put the fear in some of the other students... hehe!!

Here is the only picture of something class related I have. This is my Anatomy Lab professor (hi, Donna!! *waving*) fishing a cow eyeball out of a bucket. Now, if it had been all nice and clean (and maybe smelled pretty) I might have been inclined to dissect it, but with chunks of flesh still hanging there?? PASS!!

So what else have I been up to? Let's see. I planted my hanging baskets for the front porch!

I planted a few new shrubs to replace those that died (a moment of silence for the ugly shrubs I paid someone else to plant.)

This morning, after I took these blurry photos, I started laying down the weed barrier fabric. It was a LOT more work to cut around the existing plants than I expected. I took a break as the blackness started creeping in the sides of my vision! Stud Muffin had been mowing and weed-whacking, but when he finished, he kindly helped shovel and move the mulch into place. We both had bright red faces when we were done!!

The trellis is started for the peas.

The lettuce patch is still producing bowls full of colorful yummies! We have been having a bit of a hot spell ourselves, so I got some shade cloth to try and extend the lettuce season a bit more.

Did you notice that one half is green and the other half is black?? Yeah. One wasn't wide enough, so I whipstitched two together, side-by-side. They were suppose to both be black, and green wasn't even listed as an option, but this is what I ended up with. Oh well, still works, just a bit more redneck than I planned. Aren't the lettuces pretty?

What else? I got the tomatoes planted... right up to their little foreheads!

This year, I only planted Roma and Amish paste tomatoes, instead of the eighty-thirteen kinds I planted last year.

I got a couple of zucchini plants installed.

The strawberries have settled into their home, but that straw that we used to hold off expected frost is sprouting grass faster than I can weed it!

Only the strawberry plant right by the hose should be there. All the other green you see is grass! So I am going to clear out the straw more thoroughly and use the leaves I put in the bed now housing the peas and beans last fall.

The fruit trees are looking really good this year. Look at these little peaches... yum!

The potatoes have sprouted leaves and will need topping off with soil soon.

Even Steve is looking pretty! The irises are coming in where the daffys were just a few weeks ago.

And his new flower boxes are flowering.

Stud Muffin and I were just watching the Nightly News, and an article about a town that is printing it's own money to stimulate the local economy. The money is called Berkshares and it can be spent at local merchants, and the banks exchange them for "real" money at a rate that gives the shopper a 5% discount on everything they buy! Some landlords even take the Berkshares for the rent money. How cool! Apparently, only the US government can "coin" money, but there isn't anything in the Constitution that prevents localities from printing their own paper money!

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So, now Stud Muffin wants to print his own money! He says you can send him $100,000 US dollars and he will send you $105,000 of his currency! Anybody for a Studshare?? How about a Muffieshare? Anyone? Hello?? Is anybody still reading this??


Anonymous said...

MIL here---It sounds like you have been really busy, so the lack of new blogs is forgiven. I'm very impressed with all the work you've done on the farm as well as your schoolwork!!!!! Wonder women in my own family!!!!!wow!!!!!! XXOOXX

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow busy as a fly on poo..... same here LOL

Its still a little early here to plant our hanging baskets, except I did do a big one with strawberry plants :).... I have loads of little seed trays with things sprouting now.... still no greenhouse arrived yet though....

Fanks for you email, I need to sit and reply but every time I open it it makes me cry LOL so bare with me :)

It dont seem possible that just a few weeks ago you had all that snow and now you have things growing....

Crazy planet lol


Celticspirit said...

Very nice pictures of all your gardening endeavors. Glad to hear you're doing so well in school.