Monday, April 6, 2009

Mother Nature needs some meds!!

Maybe some anti-anxiety drugs, lots more chocolate, and a ticket to... well, somewhere else!!

A little background. Yesterday was a glorious. sunny, 74 degree day. Perfect. But the word was out that a cold front was coming and nighttime temps would get back down to freezing. "Cr*p" and "Oh Poo!"

So, yesterday afternoon, I worked to reinstall the hoops and row covers, hoping to keep the frost off of the lettuces and the just-planted strawberries. But the freakin' winds kept tearing the covers off no matter what I did to try and secure them!!

I gave up for the night, deciding that I would deal with whatever was left in the morning. I got a small reprieve, when the temps stayed in the 40s, as the cold front stalled.

Today, a new plan was hatched, one involving dry straw blanketing the tender plants. But my straw bales were all soggy and way too heavy for my sore back to move, so Stud Muffin drove me to the Co-op for some dry bales.

By the time we got finished with all our other errands and got back with the straw, the rain was starting to fall and the temperatures had dropped. But many hands make short work (and you know the dogs were so helpful) so the strawberries were put to bed!

So, we have done what we can for the bad weather to come. We are expecting thunder snow possibly. Weird, but there you have it. Probably won't happen, but since I never got my strawberries planted last year, and was so good to get these in the soil the same day I bought them, I just had to try and save them!

I want to thank you all for the well wishes about my hurt hip/back. I did go to the doctor and he shot me up, once again. I feel better, although a bit like I've been harpooned.

Just thought I'd show you that the potatoes have sprouted and seem to enjoy their little banana boxes. They, however, are on their own tonight and whatever comes in the next few days!


Brenda Jean said...

I love your raised beds! I want to make some-- I'll have to show those to my husband:) Mother Nature is freaking out here too. I've wanted to get outside SO bad to garden, but it's just too dang cold, and the wind has been nasty!

Chiot's Run said...

Same thing here, I weight my row covers with rocks, that seems to do the trick.

What are your raised beds made of? Cedar? Did you put any sealer on them? I'm in the market for some more raised beds and we ran out of our old free barnboards, so I'm trying to decide what to use.

MarmiteToasty said...

I love your veggie plots and your little piece of land..... you work to dam hard though girl :)... wont the straw just blow away with the winds?


Lisa said...

Thanks gals for the love!

Brenda.. sorry your garden fever is so high when the weather is so bad! Soon, I promise!

Chiot...Welcome! I did weight the row covers with bricks and pieces of lumber, but still a no-go. My beds are made of pressure-treated lumber (I know!) hey are sealed any further, and only one of the boards has warped, so not too bad!

Marmy... You should come and help me with the garden. Bring the chickens with you! The straw actually stayed because it was raining when we put it down. I think the lower profile helped too!

Julie said...

Lucky you! i was just thinking about putting in peas but we are now getting snow! I want spring!

barefoot gardener said...

Ahh, pictures of Spring! How I wish...

I love the title of this post...made me think of Mother Nature sitting in the psych ward of the Universe Hospital getting her meds in a little paper med cup while dressed in one of those miserable backless gowns and a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers...Hah! Can you imagine what her shrink would be saying? Hehe....

Celticspirit said...

Your plants look great! What kind of wood did you make those raised beds out of? We had some like that when I lived in NM and they were made of pressure treated wood but after I read about the arsenic in them I was afraid to use them.
I'm glad to hear your back is better. I didn't even know you hurt it.