Saturday, April 18, 2009

A busy week

Where does the time go?? Wasn't it just the weekend like, 5 minutes ago?!? Time has gone so fast, I didn't even have "time" to take any pictures. Well, actually, I just forgot to. My bad!

I have only 2 weeks left of school classes. I have already taken my final in Math, and got enough points to get an A in the class! The rest of the classes are racing towards the finish, so lots to do there!

Stud Muffin bought me a Granny Smith apple tree and then planted it for me where the peach tree had died. I got some more weed barrier and have since mulched the last two trees! It feels good to have that job finished! Time to start working on the shrub beds in front of the fence.

I have an appointment to job shadow at the hospital in a couple of weeks. I needed some clothes that were nicer than Muffin's hand-me-down jeans with mulch stains and a ripped tee shirt that says, "Bite me!" so I had to go shopping. If you know me IRL, you know I would rather pluck my eyebrows with needle-nosed pliers that go to the "mall" and try on clothes! Blech!

Photo by nyenoona.files.wordpress,com

I looked yesterday at the redneck mall and found nothing. Doesn't anyone sell women's suits with skirts these days?? Will I be the only one at the job interview not wearing a cool suit with capris or shorts on the bottom? Whatever! Today, Stud Muffin took me into the "big" town, about a hour away by car, and we "did" the mall there. On a Saturday. Need I say more?

I am officially suffering from sensory overload! We had fine dining at the food court and watched the people go by.

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Now I need an isolation tank to decompress. How do people do this more than once a year??

I did fine two outfits that ought to serve me well. One is a black skirt suit (they do exist!) with a short skirt and nice detailing in the jacket. The other is a pantsuit in taupey- beige with a nice shawl type collar. Both were on major sale! Score!

So now I have no need to go to a mall for at least another year. And it is going to take me that long to get over this shopping experience!


fullfreezer said...

LOL! I can't imagine those people who go out shopping on the days after Thanksgiving or Christmas. There is NOTHING I need that badly!

Ax Lady said...

Hate hate HATE mall shopping. The plucking with needle nose pliers sounds like Heaven to me as well. Glad you made it out alive.

Celticspirit said...

I can't remember the last time I went to a mall. Not my idea of fun and I don't know how anyone can do it as a weekly activity.

MarmiteToasty said...

:) your so like me in the shopping stakes lmfao glad you found something though you liked...

You have and are doing so very very well with your course... Im proud of ya girl :)

Had me NVQ assessor this morning and handed in Paper Number 3 consisting of 22 pages....... she sat and went through it with me to check I had covered all sessions.... Woo Hooo passed that one, so thats paper 3 out of 9 done and dusted LOL and I do have another complete but Im holding that back as a backup if I cant get one done in time (I aint daft ya know lol)....

Oh a Granny Smith, how lovely :) you are spoilt LMFAO

x said...

Oh my. When I read you had to go shopping, my eye started twitching and my heart was beating a million miles an hour. Then when I read you went to the redneck mall, I screamed "noooooooooo" and started praying for you. And then when I read you went to the big city mall - ON A SATURDAY - I poured myself a drink. And then another. I just knew it couldn't end well.

When I have to go out into crowded places I break out in a cold sweat. When I have to actually go shopping, I start crying and mumbling to myself. Malls are very scary. I'm so happy you survived it, and found what you went for. Try to plan ahead next time and order something over the internet for heaven's sake. I worry you won't be so lucky next time......

Take care,

Lisa said...

Penny... thank you so much for your concern about my well being! It has taken me this long to recover!! Have a drink for me. I still need a blouse!!