Sunday, September 6, 2009

For the advancement of my ejumacation

I can't believe what I had to do today for school. Specifically, for Chemistry.

No really, it is too horrible to repeat.

Okay, I will tell you.

I had to watch an ice cube in a glass of water.

For one hour. ONE. HOUR!

And use my five senses to observe it.

And take copious notes.

Five senses?? Most people would say I have no sense at all!

Have you EVER stared at an ice cube floating in a water glass for more than a couple of seconds? It's excruciating!

It's like watching paint dry... or golf on television!!

The dang thing just floats there! Does it put on a show? NO. Does it change into pretty colors? Again NO. Send up smoke? A thousand times NO.

What it does is give off little, teeny, tiny air bubbles which float to the top and burst. Sometimes the bubbles make a little hissing noise. Like a leaking tire on an ant's car.

And it gets smaller. Silently. Tastelessly. Touchlessly.

Until eventually, even it can't stand it anymore and it just fades away.

Of course, I HAD to watch this stoopid show for an entire hour (counting the minutes in agony) so I had to keep replacing the disappearing frozen water thingie 6 times!!

I'm just convinced this is really a Psychology experiment to see if I would actually do this for ONE WHOLE HOUR without strangling the cube and drinking down all the water.

Maybe my professors are in cahoots! Yeah... that's got to be it! Well, two (or three) can play at this game. Ha! I'l show them, I'll actually write up this dang report and send it to all of their in boxes! That'll get 'em good!

But not today. I'm exhausted. Had to do an important chemistry experiment, you know.

So... how was your Sunday???


Cheryl Liane said...

That is the best they can come up with for a science "experiment"? Kai is only 4 weeks into 8th grade and in science he has used fire...Sulphuric acid is next...You really are in the sticks...


MarmiteToasty said...

hahahahaha Im sure its a test of your patience :) lol

you should of put gin instead of water and kept taking sips LOL


barefoot gardener said...

Next weeks lesson: watch paint dry, using ALL your senses.

Lisa said...

MYS~ Nah, just doing this online. Doubt I'll need sulphuric acid anytime soon. Next Chem experiment is to measure a Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix box!

I'm on a roll now!!

Marmy ~ Gin would have been good, if I weren't such a cheap drunk!!

Barefoot ~ Nope, I'm on to the big leagues next week, measuring that corn muffin mix box!!