Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I said... GO AWAY!!

Enough already! I am officially tired of the rain. It has precipitated on me and mine for over two weeks now, and rain is forecasted until some time next week.

Poor Steve is barely visible!

All the trees in the forest are putting on their water-wings. A few of the short ones have inner tubes as well.

My decorative dry creek bed ain't so dry anymore!

In fact, it is over-flowing on to the front walkway.

The garage downspouts can't keep up.

And the backyard is flooded. Whatever isn't completely under water is sprouting mushrooms.

I think I'm starting to mold. And there may be fungus between my toes. I'm not sure.



Cheryl said...

Yesterday was a high of 38 degrees and raining as I did errands. Right now is 41 degrees but the professors of weather at the news media say "feels like 36 degrees"...


Lisa said...

Break out the woolen underwear, Sis! Me, I'll be wearing rubber shoes and a full-length rain slicker!