Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too much information....

This has been a busy week for me, school-wise. Not only did I get my ACT scores back, but I had 3 tests. Next week looks to be a bit easier as far as due dates are concerned, but I do have a big Anatomy test on Tuesday.

And it's on the reproductive system.

You know. Wieners and v-jay jays. Twig and berries and whoo-hoos.

And their plumbing. And their functions.

Seriously, this is too much information! Aside form the near pornographic diagrams (and I spared you the worse ones!), I really don't feel the need to follow all of the plumbing up and over and around all the other bits! And know all the names of "things."

We better not have to look at cadavers' junk. And I hope there isn't a show and tell portion of the test!

Let me just say that you'll never find me working in a urologist's office. Or a gynecologist's either.

So, to avoid studying for this test, I started prepping the pears I picked... oh, forever ago. I am going to bottle them up to eat later in the winter. But first comes peeling and slicing.

I had a whole basket of pears sitting in the garage, waiting for me to do something with them!

So, I peeled, and sliced, and treated them to prevent browning.

I am actually going to can them tomorrow (maybe) so for now, I just put them in a couple of Ziploc bags to keep in the fridge. I prepped enough for 7 quart jars, the maximum that will fit in my canning kettle.

The aftermath,including a sack full of fermenting pears. May I just say... peee-yew?

And I still have pears left!

But now, I cannot put off the inevitable.

Got to study for the penis test.

Kinda takes the mystery out of sex, you know?


Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing???


Lisa said...

You are welcome! Just sharin' the pain, you know.

barefoot gardener said...

but just think! now you can torture guys with all sorts of horrible sounding bits of info about their junk!

Lisa said...

Stud Muffin is the only guy I have to torture with this info and, frankly, that's not the kind of sweet talking he is hoping for!

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here... Boy, you got that right Lisa. This is all WAY to clinical for my taste!

MarmiteToasty said...

you have a new fangled pear corer LOL.....