Friday, June 25, 2010

No time

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Nothing much to say these days. My Pharmacology class ends Friday and the Pathophysiology class starts the next Tuesday. I have 3 exams this week. There are at least 5 chapters of reading due before the first day of Patho. It will require 1 drug from each group just to make it through. One anti-psychotic, maybe 2 pain killers, 1 anti-nausea, 1 antacid....

Update: Went out this morning to get a flat tire found on my car yesterday repaired. Got the tire fixed, drove home, and as I waited for the gate to open I heard, "POP!" Yep, the other rear tire went flat! *Sigh* Back to the tire shop for the second time in one day.


Cheryl said...

Is Studly nervous you have a thing for the tire fix-it man?


Lisa said...

Nah! He was with me and did all of the talking and supervising. I just sat in the corner and pouted about how much worse my day had gotten!