Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somebody stop me!!

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By 9:45 AM, I had:

Changed the sheets on the bed, laundered the dirty ones and hung them out on the line.

Swept the floors, vacuumed up the piles of dust and dog hair, and made pancakes and bacon for breakfast (Happy Father's Day!)

Helped carry some furniture down from the office above the garage, and helped carry up a queen size mattress and box springs, all in 90 heat.

Showered and dressed and was in the car on the way to the Walmart for some much needed grocery shopping.

Let's see by a show of hands, how many think I am avoiding reading any more about laxatives and anti-diarrheals?

How many think I am taking some kind of drug other than laxatives and anti-diarrheals??

And how many think I should just take my perky productiveness and go away??

Results soon!


barefoot gardener said...

You go, girl! Now you have made me think of all the things that didn't get done while we were away, and I am feeling guilty about not doing them RIGHT NOW.

Oh, well, we can't all be perky and productive!

MarmiteToasty said...

was that your once yearly changing of your bedding LMFAO



Lisa said...

Sara ~ You will have to be satisfied with being happy and well-vacationed!

Marmy ~ I change them one a term, whether they need it or not!