Sunday, June 27, 2010

What do you do...

What do you do when it's been 1000 degrees and horribly humid for days and days?

You run down to the creek, bark at a few turtles and beavers, and come home dripping in mud.

Then you make a puddle on the porch, shake mud onto mommy (that's me) and show her your muddy wiener 'cuz you know you are in trouble.

Then she gets to stand outside in the sun, heat, and humidity to hose off mystery swamp stuff!

The End.


JCMurray said...

I'll bet the water from the hose felt much cooler than the outside air. I'm on the other side of the mts in NC and I'm waiting for the heat wave to be over soon also. I'm tired of the dogs sucking up all the AC and not wanting to go out.

Liz said...

I think its very rude of you not to appreciate all the hard work he did to get himself looking that good! It couldn't have been easy to get mud that many places. I hope next time you think to thank him for his efforts. And by the way, you can't blame me for his personality...just the evil little black and white one.