Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't talk to me...

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I'm not listening. Tomorrow is the final exam for my Pharmacology class. Four weeks and 189 drugs of pure hell (yes, I'm so lame I counted.)

I know nothing about drugs. If you peer in one ear, you would see daylight coming in from the other ear.

A few things I did learn. Like a whole bunch of ways to kill a person, by accident or on purpose.

And that the Marquis de Sade teaches pharmacology at my school. And that on the last exam, 2/3 of the students didn't pass. Out of a class of 80.

And that if you drive toward school with your doors unlocked, you might get carjacked and wind up driving a gun-toting maniac to Arizona (long story, fellow student is safe and on the way home.)

But as far as anything useful that will help me on this 100 question final exam... Nada.

So until my eyes have massaged all the words on 100s of pages of notes, and this horrid class is over and done with, I'm not listening to anyone. Well, except Studly. And Nick and Sassy. And you.

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Cheryl said...

Studly must be quite nervous about what you've learned and please don't go so far as a carjacking to avoid the exam...This too shall pass...