Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two more weeks

That's how much summer school I have left. Two weeks. One more week of lectures, then a week of exams. Then I get 3 weeks off before the fall grind semester begins. It won't be enough time off. Can you tell I am soooooo over summer school??

The weather is still hot and humid. Nick still runs through (and under, over, and beyond) the creek almost everyday. He has so many bug bites driving him crazy that I can't really blame him for doing it. Except that I have to wash him. So I do. Blame him, that is.

I managed to tidy up my harvested garlic. The weather was so muggy, that they just weren't curing like they should have.

I was worried that they would simply mold on the back porch. So I brought them in, dusted them off, and made little net bags for them to hang in the garage pantry.

This ought to last me over two years! Or until the next vampire convention comes to town.

Otherwise, the vegetable garden has been a bit of a bust this year. I have gotten more tomatoes than I can eat at a time, but not enough to can. I did bring in 7 spaghetti squashes that will go live with the garlic in the garage until I can eat them. But the cabbages were disappointing, the carrots never did sprout, and the celery was way too strongly flavored to be much good.

I don't have any pictures, but yesterday, Stud Muffin saw a squirrel fly up into an apple tree and make off with an apple! I've been wondering where they all went! I have one tree that required supports to prop up laden branches. Relieved of the weight of the apples, the branches have sprung up and the supports are lying lamely on the ground. Oh well, most of the fruit had sunburn, and black splotches. Maybe the squirrel will get diarrhea!! (I'm vindictive that way!!)

Now here is a photo that should never have been taken! Studly snapped this very unflattering shot of me standing up at the table studying.

My poor butt just can't take all of this sitting down reading!! Have I told you I am over summer school yet?? No? Well, believe you me, I am!

So there you are. Just think of me sitting on a cushion, moving it from dining chair to recliner as I study, muttering "... two more weeks, two more weeks..." over and over. Cuz that's what I'm doing right now!!


Cheryl said...

Yeah for the 3 weeks off in between. You'll have to do something fun!


JCMurray said...

Sometimes the only way to stay awake reading all that dry stuff is to stand!

Lisa said...

JC ... Amen! Maybe I should try standing on hot coals for when it's really boring!!

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE the shape of your window lol