Friday, July 2, 2010


Okay... test over. Passed. Course over. Passed. Actually, I got my best grade on this final. Unfortunately, many of my fellow students didn't pass the class, and some missed it by less than 1 point! I'm not going to go into why this course was so horrible, but I will say that the failure rate is not a reflection on the students themselves. Nuff said!

Between studying and sleeping napping, I have done a couple of things in the garden. I got the garlic harvested and hung up to dry on the back porch.

I know I'm not supposed to cut the tops off, but I just had to!

I have harvested more veggies and herbs too. Celery, zucchini, lemon cucumber, and basil.

I spy, with my little eye, the first ripening tomatoes.

And I came home from my test today to find Stud Muffin had power-washed the porch on the studio building and was working on the teak furniture that lives there. It hasn't been cleaned in -well- too long.

Which side has been washed??


The chickens napped in the sun. Okay, they are wooden chickens, but they still need their rest!

I helped a bit and we got one of the chairs cleaned as well. Tomorrow we will finish the washing and after it all dries, I will start the much-slower process of oiling it all down.

And finally, when I went to make a deposit into the compost heap this afternoon, I noticed that "somebody" has been snacking on the squash garden. This zucchini plant used to have the largest elephant-ear leaves! I put some bird netting over it all, so hopefully, "somebody" will go elsewhere for food.

I now have 3 days off from school, but before you think I can just goof off, I do have about 259 pages of reading to do for the next class!


Liz said...

May I say, EWWWWW! Not only to your lack of cleanliness (really mother, you should power wash your furniture a tad more often) but also to your reading load. Ah, it feels good to be a graduate :) I am very proud of you and your success in your class! I love you!

Cheryl said...

Now those are my idea of yard chickens...Can you get yard kids like that too? It would be a lot less expensive and less messy...

What on earth does a lemon cucumber taste like?


Lisa said...

Okay, Liz. This just happens with teak, it's not all dirt!

Cheryl~ Yes, you can get lawn kids like this, but then they don't mow the lawn. I was expecting the lemon cucumbers to taste citrusy or brighter or something. Not so much, but they are kinda fun to look at!

MarmiteToasty said...

Brilliant results on the test and on the stinking filth furniture lmfao *joking* - I havent been around but all will be revealed in the next few days when I eventually have time to shove up a very important Twaddle post :)

love ya girl.....


Cheryl said...

I meant to ask are you the only ones with TEAK furniture outdoors in TN?


Thomas said...

Great looking harvest Lisa! I think I'll pull my hardneck garlic soon too. Is it really that back to cut off the tops before they dry?

Beautiful piece of furniture! You did a wonderful job with it.