Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The non-update update

Before I get lynched for not posting anything here, I will leave a pathetic little update.

1. We been having a heat wave. Unrelenting, hot, muggy weather that puts the kabosh on any kind of outdoor chores or activities. Our nighttime lows have been higher than the highs in most places. Except perhaps Hell. Well, maybe even Hell. It's too close to tell.

So, all we (and by this I mean Stud Muffin) have done is run out and start the sprinklers watering. Then we run back out and move the sprinklers for some more watering. My job it to get out there before the sun rises and water the vegetable garden. Oh. And tell them how sorry I am that they are being roasted even before they are harvested.

2. Now we have been having torrential rain. For the last two nights, I have been blown out of bed by incredible house-shaking thunder and lightning. When that happens, Sassy barks like a lunatic and beats up on all of her toys, while Nick forces open the curtains and stands in the window to check out what's making all the infernal noise. I have been making do with short naps throughout the night.

Image by www.uwec.edu

3. Three days wasn't nearly enough time to rejuvenate before starting another crash course for nursing. This class is much better than the last, but I was already worn out when it began. Things have not improved with limited sleep. See item number 2.

4. As a result of numbers 2 and 3, I am sitting here like a leftover party-girl, but without the fun of the party. So, I am just going to sit here and look like this:

Image by cinemafique.files.wordpress.com


Cheryl said...

Don't know what you are doing but you look younger...Ha! :-)


Lisa said...

It's from getting all that "beauty rest!"