Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farm Table/Desk

In the continuing effort to outfit Liz"s new apartment, we have searched high and low for a desk to put in her guest room.  But no go.  So we did the next best (or maybe better) thing!  We (okay, I) made one!  And it was fun!

Liz had specific dimensions she was looking for in a table and wanted it to fit the retro country feel.  Sort of a work bench top with more refined legs.  So, it was off to the lumber yard for me.

While the table top was going to be kinda beat up, she wanted the legs painted cream. I bought the legs ready-made cuz, well, I can't turn them myself. Then I screwed them onto scrap wood so I could paint all sides at the same time.

While the legs were drying, I used a cool new toy tool to cut pockets in the top boards, so the screws would attach on an angle and not show. Isn't this cool? You just bolt the jig on and use the drill through the holes at the top.

Makes neat holes!

Once the legs and apron (a fancy, girly term for the pieces that connect the legs together. They don't actually wear aprons, but that might be cute!) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Once those pieces were painted, I build the table frame.

Then the real fun began. I got to beat the wang-doodle out of the table top with chains and hammers and anything else I could find! I finished each side a bit differently. I wanted one side to look like a re-purposed shop bench, complete with paint splatters.

The other side had fewer dents and dings and was painted a shinier gray.

Liz liked the shinier side, and with her help, we got the top firmly attached to the frame. And here it is!

 Isn't it purdy?? Next up... a daybed so guests can actually sleep here!

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barefoot gardener said...

Dang, girl! You're awesome!