Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guest room bed

Liz is expecting her first visitor, Tiffany, is just two weeks.  She needed a guest bed P.D.Q, and, of course, we couldn't find anything suitable that was also affordable.  So I got back to it happily!

After looking around the home improvement stores, I settled a section of pre-fab picket fencing to make the head and foot of a daybed.  I planned to connect them with side rails and bolt the whole thing to the metal bed frame. The store cut the 8 foot length in half for me, which is good cuz that sucker was heavy!

It took me some time to finish this. Since the bed was at Liz's place,  I had to trust my notes, but I was a bit scared to pull the trigger on cutting side rails.  The first thing I did was putty over the nail hole in the fencing.

After priming all the raw wood, I painted it a pretty rose pink, then brushed on white glue and cream paint.

The glue prevents the cream paint from sticking and makes a nice crackle finish that lets the pink show through.

Yesterday, I took the bed pieces over to Liz's and put them together.  I spent over two hours getting everything connected and secured, but she seems pleased with it!

The pictures don't show how crackly and pinky it is, so you'll just have to trust me.  After the bed was assembled, Liz and I went over to the linen store and bought pillows and sheets.  She scored a beautiful quilt/coverlet thingy that was clearanced down to $29. Whoo hoo!

I don't have a close-up of the linens.  I had to leave for home before they were out of the wash, so Liz emailed me the picture.

There is going to a canopy above the bed.  I found this vase holder at the Goodwill.  Upside down (like this) , it looks like a crown, and at $2.99,  it was perfect!

We're going to hang it from the ceiling and run some fabric up and through it.  First, to locate the fabric!

Oh, and while I was at the Goodwill the other day, I came upon these treasures.

They just jumped into my cart and begged to come home with me!  Honest!

On the Sassy front, I think she's starting to recover from her snake bite.  The swelling in her face will take some more time, but she's acting her usual playful self.

She went from this, just after the bite...

to this!

Her face got so hot with all the swelling, I thought an ice pack might feel good.  She agreed!

I'm still thinking evil thoughts about the snake that wrecked all the blackberry picking, but we both will live.  I already have my next commission from Liz, and that will take my mind off of the lost berries.  She needs a thin coffee table for the guest room so people will have a place to set a book or glass of water.  And I've already bought the wood for it!!


welovelinen said...

I love your work. Very comprenhessive and walk through. Post more similar to this one!

Cheryl said...

My my I shall get busy dreaming of what I need for Christmas and my birthday next year. You do deliver to CO don't you?


Lisa said...

Cher...ummm...NO! Unless it fits in a flat rate postal box!

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