Monday, July 2, 2012

The guest room continues.

I might just have to claim the guest room at Liz's apartment for my own.  I figured, since I made all  almost all the furniture in it, that made it mine. Right?  No?  Okay, fine.

A narrow coffee table was needed next to the picket fence bed, and the interwebs didn't let me down by way of ideas.

Liz wanted the table to have a wood-tone top and cream/white legs. I think it looks pretty good next to the bed.

We worked on the bed canopy too. I scrounged through the shop building and found a net canopy that used to be tied to a large hoop. We hung the crown thingy I got from the Goodwill from the ceiling with fishing line and looped the net through the crown.

Liz found a fun canvas of a bird and hung it below the canopy.  Tabitha approves!

I've also been working on a chest of drawers that I got at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for Liz's room. The previous owners had slapped a coat of gray paint on it, but of course, I couldn't leave it like that.

And those drawer pulls? Original, but too masculine for my girl.

I painted the chest a lovely gray-green and went on the hunt for new pulls. Just my luck that the original holes were closer together than is common these days! I did find 6 pulls with the right spacing at a thrift store, but I needed 10 pulls total.

I ended up puttying over the holes in 2 drawers and getting 4 single knobs from Hobby Lobby. I painted all the hardware white and then distressed them. And just to add that little extra girly-ness, I lined the drawers with some Laura Ashley wallpaper I got at another thrift store for $1.

I'm feeling my age because I can remember, as a child, always picking out new drawer liners when getting furniture.

Looking good, Liz!

Okay, the bookcase.  This was in her room here on the farm. And then down in the shop when we changed her room to put in a stripper pole  office.   Liz and I loaded it into the truck (where it barely fit!) and hauled it to her apartment.

Once there, we COULD NOT get the tailgate to open!  We pushed, we pulled, and we practically gave ourselves strokes struggling with the dang thing in 102 degree weather!  We even drove to a self-serve car wash so we could work on it out of the blazing sun. But the truck was having none of it,  and I had to drive for an hour to haul it back home.

The internet intelligence saved the day.  Based on what I read, I took the tailgate panel off and found that the driver-side latch rod had disconnected from the handle.  No amount of tugging would have fixed it!  So, problem solved and I delivered the bookcase this morning.

The next project is this cute little metal typing table I found at my favorite junk store for Liz to put her printer on.  I remember these from typing class.  (Uh oh!  My age is showing again!) 

It has fold-up arms and even a little drawer.  But the black (glossy on the side arms, flat on the top) has to go.

I'm thinking...yellow!!  What do you think??

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barefoot gardener said...

This is SOOOOO fabulous! Are you ready to head up here and do my house next? It's only in the 90's here, with heat index of 115....