Sunday, October 28, 2007

Doggie Morning

It's a beautiful crisp fall morning here in Tennessee.
View across the vegetable garden towards Steve the Shed ("'s a pretty name!")

Every morning. Nick and Sassy "hound" me to play out front. The backyard just isn't as exciting as full run of the property. If I so much as walk into the kitchen, Sassy practically has a stroke spinning around by the front door and talking like crazy. She looks at me, then at Nick's hunting vest, then back at me. Touching the vest prompts all sorts of dances and squeaks until the door finally opens. Then as Nick streaks out to check his property lines, Sassy grabs her red Frisbee toy and viciously beats it on the porch floor. And so starts everyday.

Sassy would spend all day playing "catch and torture" with this toy, provided you were out there in all weather watching her play.

Nick, having patrolled the farm looking for invading squirrels, infernal birds, or commuting deer, returns to taunt Sassy and her toy. He really has no interest in playing with the Frisbee, but like any brother, enjoys tormenting his sister. Let the games begin!
Nick looks like a white tail deer, hence the bright orange vest! Don't want him shot on his own land by rouge hunters.

But before we go in for a drink of water and a nap in a sunbeam, Nick poses to show off his finery.

This will hold us until, say, an hour from now, when we'll want to do it all over again.


Celticspirit said...

Awww cute little pups! Sounds like they make you get a lot of exercise too. I love the look of those raised beds. What kind of wood did you use?

jbs said...

I can relate to your doggies needs as we have 3 amd they are a demanding bunch. I wish we had the space to let them rip! Love your raised beds and your house and "Steve" are too cute! Thank you for the well wishes!

Beverly said...

I found you through Farmgirl and since you are in West Tennessee I decided to say hello. There are alot of farming blogs I have found from comments on FGirl blog. I am from Paris TN, but now live in Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I miss my puppies!!