Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soggy Day

Today is just one of those days...cold, rainy.muddy, get the picture. I could actually take a picture, but it would probably look like one great big raindrop.

I like this picture better...

This is my studio on a prettier day. A space of my own, with thread all over the floor, stacks of magazines and fabric, and an ginormous plastic bag of trash that I keep forgetting to take to the dump. Comes in handy as a doorstop.

I should probably name my studio...I do my cars, dogs and kids. My feelings about a name change depending on the day and how much chocolate I've had. Hen House is one idea, Craft Cave is another. At one point I thought "Mine, Mine, Mine!-No Stinkin' Boys Allowed" but decided that wasn't fair to those of the male persuation in the household. (I love you Honey!)

Today, though, I would probably have to vote for "Cottage With Leaky Ceiling, No Dry Firewood for the Stove, and Too Much Stuff Everywhere." Kinda long, I know. Would probably have to paint that name right off of a sign and wrap it around the building. Of course, then the deer and their biker buddies would come and *tag* the place, and there would be no end of trouble!

So, it's raining. Oh, I said that already. The studio ceiling is leaking in the bathroom and storage room. The attic ladder has been pulled down in anticipation of the arrival of the as-yet invisible roofer. The insulation falls like snow whenever I hit my head on said ladder on the way to my ironing board. It sounds like this, "Whack! Ow! Snow, Cough, Sssss (the iron.)" Rinse and Repeat.

But, inspite of all this, I have been working in my little cottage. I am working on Christmas gifts for the family, so I can only give a peek like this...

Admittedly, I saw this idea online...somewhere...can't remember, but I'm thinking I might make some and put them up on Etsy.


Anonymous said...

Oooh Mommy! I love the little sneak peek you gave us.... very teasy! Miss you mucho!

Celticspirit said...

It's a soggy day here also! It's pouring and we need it so much. A nice day for making soup and homemade bread and staying in a crafting.