Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall 'n Leaves Bracelet

After spending another night sitting in the storm shelter, the ground is way too wet for any tractor riding. But before the rains came, I spent some time in my studio creating this bracelet. This was just practice for me to learn wire working techniques, so it is made from regular craft wire, not sterling silver. 'Cause I don't own any (hint hint, Christina) I based the design on the cover photo of a current issue of a wire jewelry magazine (which I left in the studio and can't remember the name of!)

And this is the mess it took to make this bracelet...

I had to crop this photo because the mess was too big to upload!

But if you really want to see some awesome jewelry, and art quilts, you must check out the beauties that my sister, Christina makes and sells in her Etsy shop! This woman, who couldn't thread a sewing machine 8 years ago, has turned into an inspiring artist. A stop into a gem and bead shop in Singapore while visiting me, unleashed the jewelry muse within her. She completely intimidates me with her artist's eye! And I love her to death!

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Celticspirit said...

Beautiful bracelet! That is one craft I've never tried.....not yet anyhow.