Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Panty pouches and whatnot

So, I've been feeling under the weather (and under the covers) the last couple of days, and I know myself well enough to know NOT to try to sew anything when I feel like this. The last time I tried to be creative while sick, I managed to sew my finger into the garment with the sewing machine! I have cut off the wrong fabric parts, sewn sleeves on upside down, and caught skirts in the cutting blade of my serger. Just don't do it!

Consequently, I don't have much new to share, so I will spill on some crafts I have been working on for Christmas. Based on something I saw on Etsy, I have made some Panty Pouches!

This one was made just with stuff I had in my stash. It is about 4"x6"...a coin purse size.

Then, in honor of the fashion of today (if you are young, self confident, have a much, much better butt than I do, and don't mind "picking your seat"), I tried my hand at thong ones.

This one is slightly larger, say 4"x7", so it could hold personal hygiene items, or whatever.

Of course, what is a panty pouch without a coordinating booby trap one, so...

Finally, DH's favorite so far...

No bra one for this pattern yet. I worked on getting the sides to match better, and added bows as well.

May try some bloomer or granny panties too.

So, I am soliciting opinions on this project. Aside from my girls (who are genetically obligated to want and adore these), do you think anyone else would want them if I put them on Etsy? All comments, or suggestions welcome...unless you are a troll, in which case, go back under your bridge until I call your name...three times, in my best falsetto, under a full moon...you get the point!


Beverly said...

Hello, I am so happy you visited my blog. I don't think I comment on PP forum. I really cannot figure out what stands for???

come say hello again...

Celticspirit said...

Those are adorable Lisa!

barefoot gardener said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Those are so FABULOUS!!!

I don't know if I could ever bring myself to USE one, but I think they are great, and am sure there are people out there who are braver than I.

Penny said...

These are cute, and I agree with the barefoot gardener, a little too
revealing for me to use, but I'm sure a girl somewhere would!

Lisa said...

Yeah, Penny, they are a bit naughty aren't they! And don't for one minute think I wear such underpants! But I do have early twenties daughters, so I know what cooks!