Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Mail Day and Other Stuff

What an excellent day at the mail box! No bills, a car magazine for Stud Muffin and 4 things for me!! Okay, two things were stuff I got from Ebay, and they're boring, so I won't show you those.

But look what the UPS man brought me from Bari J!

Black and White quilted belt with shiny, shiny buckle!

I won this from her a little while ago during a giveaway on her blog! I just love her stuff. Go over and take a look at her fabulous handbags!! *Drool, drool, slurp!*

Next up, another score from a bloggie friend's giveaway! This one is from Creative Kismet and is a hand-stamped, sewn and embellished Love Angel.

Love Angel, hand-stamped notecards and Chocolate!! How did she know? Probably read my blog header!

I was so excited to win this, I didn't read her post well enough to realize that I was also getting some hand stamped notecards. The dark chocolate bar was probably added so I would slobber on it instead of on the Love Angel. I did promise to take very good care of her!

Here she is in her new home... hanging from the ceiling fan in my studio, watching over me and giving me some crafting good vibes!

You all need to visit these incredibly talented gals at their blogs. They will rev your crafting juices up and make you want to DO SOMETHING!

And so, I did. Do something, that is. I made another apron, this one trimmed out with contrasting pockets and everything!

Of course, it needed a matching shopping bag to complete the set.

As is my way, these were made from thrifted pillowcases, the pockets are from a shirt, and the orange polka dot bias trim is a new product from Michael Miller Fabrics. Esty? Etsy anyone??

I'm on a roll now! So, what do you think I need with stuff like this? Anybody want to guess??

I was going to stop this post here and let you stew on that one for a while, but, well, I not that mean! And no, I'm not "with child!" Been there, done that (hi girls! *waving*)

But, this week, I installed a retractable clothesline in the backyard, and so, I need...

a clothes pin bag!!! And another one.

Okay, I don't really need more than one, but they are so fun and thrifted baby clothes are so cute! I feel an Esty shop coming on soon?!?


Russell said...

It's always fun to get neat treasures in the mail. I love the apron and bag you made and the clothepin bag is adorable. Do you actually hang out your clothes? There's something satisfying about hanging clothes on a line to dry. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute mommy! I love them :)

Not Quite Grown

Regina said...

Yay, I'm happy everything made it to you safely and that you like it all. I just had to throw in the chocolate, especially because it's in your header (I love that!)

Love all the stuff you made too. You ARE on a roll!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Okay, first I love getting things in the mail, even if I ordered them and know they're coming!!!

Second, the apron and clothespin bag are two of the most adorable things I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot, since the apron has orange in it and I think orange should be banished from this Earth).

Third, I love that you hang your clothes out. BBM refuses to have an actual t-bar clothesline like we had when I was a kid, so I'm thinking of putting in a retractable one in the backyard, so he doesn't have to see it all the time. Maybe he'll like it more once he sees the electric bill (or lack thereof) from not running the dryer!

Thimbleanna said...

Aaaack! Those clothespin bags are so cute! And, as always, Not Quite Grown has provided an adorable comment!

Penny said...

Lisa!!! I love the apron and matching bag. The colors you chose are v. cute! I wish we had a clothes line here, I love the smell of clothes when they've hung out to dry. (as long as there aren't any fires around to mess it all up!)

Lisa said...

Yes, ladies, I do like to hang my clothes out on the line. I just haven't had one to hang on for awhile. But now I have a retractable one so Stud Muffin doesn't have to look at it when it's not in use.

I agree that the clothes smell great, and they last longer. i hate it when the elastic in my unders gets shot, like Bye, Bye Pie did right

Thanks for all the love about my "creations!" I'm having fun, and I got to freak out Almost Grown with the baby clothes! She didn't think they were for me, but rather that Not Quite Grown might be telling us something! Bwhaahaa!

letitiah said...

apron with matching bag! love them!

Lisa said...

I love the apron and matching bag! I've also been thinking about a retractable clothes line, one for the backyard and one for the basement, since you can't hang clothes outdoors in NW Oregon for many months of the year. Where'd you get yours from? I spent a lot of time on several sites yesterday and was dazzled by all the choices.

Lisa said...

Lisa~ I got my retractable clothes line at Home Depot. The had a 20 foot one and, the one I got, a 40 footer!

Lisa said...

Oh wow. I've never even though to look there. We don't have a Home Depot nearby, but we have a Lowes. I will have to check there.