Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Not Quite Grown!! You are no longer a teenager! 20 years old... Woo hoo!

And since you received your package from Mom and Dad, I can show the part that I made!

Your very own Emmeline apron made with fabric from a thrifted duvet cover by Wake Up Frankie . The front is a wild hot pink print that says "Riviera" and "Cafe"

and the back is solid pink. Both fabrics are very soft. I bought the black and white fabric just to go with this project and I think it turned out quite nice! Hope you like it!

In other sewing news, today I made this...

Polka dot purse with bright blue on blue contrast and lining.

I based it on an article in this magazine,

See the clutch bag in the upper right hand corner?

then made my own alterations. Their purse is a clutch, and I don't do well without a handle, so I added my own. That meant that I had to reinvent the way that the contrast band went on the bag to accommodate the handle. It needs a bit more pressing, but my large water tank iron chose that very moment to run out of steam (literally!) and it takes a very long time to cool enough so I can refill it.

You know, I'm starting to think I need to open an Esty shop to get rid of some of these things that I can't keep from making! Like the aprons with the tea towels attached, cloth shopping bags, and endless handbags. What do you all think??


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOT QUITE GROWN!! I have your bday on my calendar so I was thinking about you even before I saw your gift. Hope you are having a great birthday!!

Love and Kisses, Angie (otherwise known as 'old and grown.')

Catty Ax Lady said...

Happy birthday a day late, Not Quite Grown!! I adore that apron...very cool, and I don't even have any aprons to wear!

Lisa, I'd totally love to see you open an etsy shop! Now I'm going to have to peruse back through your blog to see pictures of some of the other stuff you've made. I'm digging the purse, although I don't do well with short handles, so I'd have to get one with a longer, adjustable strap. But I love the polka dots!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh yeah, I also have a question for you, but it's a truly embarrassing gardening knowledge question, and my face is already too red just thinking about my lack of knowledge to post it here. Wanna come to my blog and email me? Pwease??? My email address is under the windmill on the left side.

Lisa said...

Catty~ I sent you an email from my phone!

Penny said...

Hi Lisa,
look at you go! You're a machine. I really like the pink material you used in the apron! Great choice.
DEFINITELY open an etsy shop! It's such a cool feeling when you make a sale, knowing that someone liked your creation enough to actually pay money for it!

Crockpot Lady said...

what a fantastic apron! you did an amazing job.
happy birthday to your baby--


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my gift mommy! I love it so much...but not as much as I love YOU!

Not Quite Grown (now known as "a little bit closer to being grown!")

P.S Thank you all for your birthday wishes :D

Celticspirit said...

If you adopt me can you make me neat aprons and stuff? All the birthday stuff you made is just adorable. Barb

Thimbleanna said...

Your apron is so cute! I've been debating about getting that pattern for our little bride -- we'll see!