Friday, February 8, 2008

Since I didn't get any chocolate...

I figure you guys didn't fall for my poor-pitiful-me post! Christina says I'm not to blog about her anymore if I don't show some of my previous collage work to prove I'm not as hopeless as I pretend.

I have two things to show, both projects were completely and unabashedly copied from this book because I don't actually have any drawing talent (or original ideas!)

The first fabric collage I ever did was this vest:

Front with lining fish applique showing.


Close-up of front right side. That's a moray eel coming out of his cave.

Close-up of front left side. HaHa. I made the turtle's limbs from zebra print fabric!

Feeling brave, I made this wall hanging of the four elements (water, air, earth, and fire) as a gift for Christina. She is a bit of an Earth Mother herself, so this seemed to be a perfect gift for her. She was kind enough to send me a photo of it to share.

Designed to hang with a corner up and rotated to view the other faces.

So there you have it. The only two fabric collages I have made (to date.) But, just in case you think I haven't been working on something, I refashioned one of my favorite tshirts! I have been following the Wardrobe Refashion blog for sometime, but am not ready to join up myself. No harm in pretending, though! So, I took a favorite shirt that I bought ages ago on vacation. Unfortunately, the largest size the shirt came in was a child's extra-large, and I am, ahem, larger than that. But I wore it *as is* for a while, until *the girls* were threatening to bust out of the shirt! Here is the before:

I just know this camera adds about 40 pounds! No sniggering!!

Since I had to photograph myself in the mirror, the words are backwards. This is a David & Goliath shirt with a little girl vacuuming and the words "Housework is evil. It must be stopped!" You see why I can't part with it! It's so me!

I cut the bottom and sleeves off of a red long sleeve tshirt I got at the Goodwill, just for this purpose and added them to the existing edges. I also got a men's tee that was the closest match to the blue of my shirt, and added about an inch to each side seam, to give the *girls* some more breathing room. This is the final result:

Even though I still will be arrested by the fashion police for wearing this, I'm quite pleased with the refashion! I'm not sure any of my clothes are safe from my scissors now.


barefoot gardener said...

I love those collages! OMG you are so talented. I am in total awe, seriously. I can't imagine how much work those were.

Sorry about the no chocolate thing. Just so you know, your suggestion of hot fudge sundaes was greeted with enthusiasm by Mr. Barefoot. He came home with enough ice cream and hot fudge for an army today! ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks! The *elements* took me about 4 months to make. I was seriously bored in Singapore and this kept me off the street (except to look for fabric!)

Hot fudge should be in every medicine cabinet! The world would be a sweeter place if more people did! LOL

Penny said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so proud of you for going for it with your t-shirt! I finally figured out what you meant by *the girls* by the end of the post. When I read it the first time, I thought you meant your daughters and I wasn't quite catching your meaning. NOW I understand. Whew! That was painful.

christina said...

those collages are awesome, you are my inspration Auntie C

Celticspirit said...

Since you didn't get any chocolate I'm going to send you 2 dozen reeses peanut butter cups. Gotta say...I just love those collages. I didn't know you could do a collage on clothing. The vest looks awesome. Great job!