Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where all the money goes

Early this morning, Stud Muffin got up and washed the Bad Boy Buggy. See, it was making a 90 mile trip (not by itself, but on a trailer, silly!) to get some much needed service. We rely on this buggy every single day, but the batteries were shot, the wheels were out-of-round and bouncy and the headlights didn't work.

Nothing a couple of bags of money won't put right. *Sigh*

But the nice man who picked it up promised to take good care of it (for a price) and hoped to return it to us early next week.

Then there is Kubota Jane, my beloved tractor. I took her out of the shop the other morning to remove the bush hog mower and hook up the box blade to grade the roads.

Once I hopped down from the cab to wrestle the mower off I noticed that something wasn't quite right. Can you see it??

The front tire is not only flat, but almost completely off the rim!! Well, she needed service too... oil change, clutch adjustment, Pap smear and mammogram.

Red mower off, yellow box blade... not on!

So, tomorrow, a different man will come with a much bigger trailer and haul Jane off to be fixed.

Nothing another bag full of money won't fix. *Sigh*

And that is where the money all goes. Taking care of the stuff that takes care of you is expensive. Good thing I like margarine and crackers for dinner!


fullfreezer said...

Ouch! I hope the bags of money are small ones.

Lisa said...

Judy, I wish! These are empty-the-bank-account and throw in a piggy bank or two as well type bags of money! Think I could just bake them some cookies as a trade??

barefoot gardener said...

Ouch! This makes me glad to not own anything... I don't have to worry about maintaining anything!

Cheryl said...

Pap smear and mammogram for your tractor? Just what kind of nursing program are you in???

Quick Stud Muffin get your money baaaaack...


Lisa said...

Cheryl~ Well they are going to check under her hood and fondle her headlights...that's the same thing!!

Plus, I'm not even a nursing student yet!!

MarmiteToasty said...

You should just nip along to a golf course and nick a golf trolley buggy lmfao no one would know the difference...

When i win the lottery I will sort you out with brand spanking new stuff and when it wears out instead of getting it fixed you can just lob it away and get another new one :)