Sunday, November 1, 2009

Napus Interruptus

The setup: I was minding my own business, thoroughly enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap on a bed with clean, line-dried sheets, when Nick launched himself off of the bed. Stud Muffin had made some toast and Nick was determined to have his share. Next comes frantic barking... mostly Nick, but Sassy chiming in too. I hear the screen door open and two dogs scrabbling off the porch.

More barking, but sporadic this time. The door opens again and two dogs come tearing into the house. Next thing I know, Nick has jumped back on the bed and was practically sitting on my head! As I extricated my face from under a hairy, but just washed doggie, Stud Muffin entered the bedroom to give me the report.

The story: Nick had caught a glimpse of the white plastic that I had been using to solarize the vegetable beds hanging over the fence drying. Then it moved. He had been out with me as I draped said killer plastic on the fence but I guess it made a threatening flutter and he needed to warn it away from his sleeping mistress.

You show it who's boss, Nick!

Studly reported that Nick barked then approached the plastic. It moved again and Nick got scared and high-tailed it back to the porch, where he barked at it some more. Then he came in and jumped on my face. To protect me.

Another happy, but hairy pet-owner safe from marauding plastic drop cloths!


Cheryl said...

That's as funny as Kai's cat Max launching through the air from the arm of the couch and skidding up to the television on his stomach to protect us from the wild cats on Animal Planet...


MarmiteToasty said...

hahaha I thought the first photo was a photo of your bed sheets LOL....

Aint it just the funniest when something so simple gets a dogs mind working overtime....

Ive missed it here, and Ive missed you and I OWE you an email bigtime..