Thursday, November 12, 2009

A very bad day :(

I hope today goes away and stays there.

It started with a trip uptown for some groceries. Stud Muffin drove me past the steakhouse restaurant where we celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary in August. On Monday night, the place burned down.

Not just a little bit charred. Nothing left to save.

And it was the only (sort of) decent steak house around here.

We got home, with a pot roast to make for dinner tonight. After I took a Psychology test, I decided to avoid Anatomy for a while and give the backyard a final mowing for the season.

A word of warning for all you boys and girls...Always label your fuel containers. And never, ever pour diesel fuel into a gasoline-powered mower.

I DON'T want to talk about it!!

But I will say that Studly and I spent the rest of the afternoon draining the fuel tank, buying a new fuel filter, reconnecting everything. And it still won't start. Now we are charging the battery and will try again tomorrow.

I am tired, still have the crud, and it's too late to make the pot roast.

Photo by

And I smell like gasoline and diesel.

Think the CPR dummy will notice tomorrow???


fullfreezer said...

Don't worry, Tomorrow is a Friday the 13th, You're sure to have good luck! You've gotten the rotten stuff out of the way early.
Good luck on your exams. And try to relax!

Cheryl said...

Perhaps I should send chocolate...


barefoot gardener said...

OH, man! That isn't just a cheesecake day, that is a double mocha turtle cheesecake day!

Hope things are looking up...

Elisabeth said...

Poor mommy! Very not so good day! Well, I love you in all your cruddy glory. And maybe they will build something even better in that spot where the steak house was. Anywho, hope you feel better!

Whatever my name is now because I have forgotten.

MarmiteToasty said...

See, its like this, if you doodles build proper brick buildings like over here instead of woodern ones, maybe it wouldnt of been gutted :) - just saying LOL

Wow you are busy..... Im trying desperately to get this NVQ3 CCLD finished by crimbo that I aint had time to scratch me bum......

know you are loved.....