Sunday, April 6, 2008

A beautiful Sunday

I want to thank everyone for their support and suggestions about my disappearing road problem. I have decided to take the Barefoot Gardener's offer to fix the road in exchange for 12,000 chocolate chip cookies! I gotta get baking!

Actually, I think Stud Muffin and I will visit the county road superintendent, who goes by the name of Tiny (no kidding,) to see if he has someone else to recommend for a "second opinion." I checked the creek yesterday and it seems that Stud Muffin's efforts with the "reeeeelly beeeg stick" cleared the problem and the water is now flowing through the culvert, not around it.

Unclogged end of the culvert. That stick 'sticking" out is actually part of a tree growing there.

The road down to the creek, however, is falling away at an alarming rate!

The creek is around the bend at the top of the picture.

Whether by rain or bulldozer, these trees are going to fall down! We think we have a plan for how to pay for this repair job, one which I will share more about if it comes to pass, and which also shows Stud Muffin's incredible dedication to our farm life! (Come on lottery, Mama needs a new road!)

Since I can't think of a good transition here, I will just say that I sold my first tote on Etsy!! My friend Penny, from Sew Take a Hike has bought this tote:

Monet's Flowers tote going to Penny.

I added just a couple of things to the shop and am having an April Madness sale of 20% off everything! Check it out (shameless plug!)

Another bad transition brings us to Friday night's dinner... turkey!! Studly loves turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, if it's turkey, I bet he loves it!

Turkey and stuffing dinner!

And of course, chocolate chip cookies!

Wait! Put the cookies back!! I owe them to Barefoot Gardener when she fixes my road!! Let's see, 36 cookies on the plate, only 11, 964 cookies to go.


Anonymous said...

I like turkey too! And cookies! But I'm afraid I have no answer for you on the road issue. I hope Tiny can help!

Not Quite Grown

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM Cookies!! Can you stuff some through the phone for me?!?!

I love you, Mommy!

Almost Grown