Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Road repair funds acquired!

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Well, who knew you could actually sell a kidney on Ebay!

Okay, it was wasn't mine, it was Stud Muffin's kidney.

Photo by bornazombie.

Oh alright, it wasn't a kidney, but Stud Muffin really came through.

To raise the money to fix the washed out road, Stud Muffin sold his beloved red Corvette!

{Okay, I've been trying to upload pictures that he sent me of his car, but they just won't load!! He tried emailing them to me, but that didn't work either, and he said %*^%# and @#!!(*^%$#, so just imagine, will you!}

Kinda like this, but this isn't it! Photo by Momboleum

Before you worry about him giving up his "baby," this is the fourth Corvette he has own over the years. And it was completely his idea to sell it! My hero! I told him he could get another red car. I have my eye on this one! It's fits right in our budget!

Photo by Mark Wubben.

We are still going to get another opinion on fixing the road. We got a name from Tiny's secretary at the county highway department. I just have to call the guy.

I have been working in the garden, even using Tilly the Tiller today. She works hard and is doing a great job considering the fact that I'm tilling previously unbroken ground full of root and sticks and rocks.

I also transplanted some of the tomatoes into the raised beds, but since we are expecting thunderstorms and then some very cool nights, I have covered them with row covers for now. Pictures later.

The dogs, of course, help me when I garden. Since I showed Dirty Nick pictures last time, here are some of Sassy "working" her blue toy over.

Shaking the life out of it!

Other than that, and the usual dust buffalo roundup, I have been working on a design for a tote that folds into it's own pocket, with help and opinions from Penny. I'm still working on some modifications, but this is what I have so far.


Penny said...

Lisa! I am so glad you decided to keep all your (and studmuffin's) body parts! What a hero to sell off his prized posession for the greater good of a road. He is fab in my book! And what is this about "help" from me? All I did was say how about this or that, anyone can be a critic, that doesn't take any special skill. I am excited to see the finished product!

Celticspirit said...

WoooHooo! Glad to hear you came up with a plan. I'm sure Studmuffin will look real cool driving that new red car. ;) I love that tote, is it for groceries? Are you going to make and sell them?
One question, how does putting that word verification box for comments help with spammers? I get them all the time.

Lisa said...

Penny~ You have been a great help in this project! As someone who also sews and makes totes, it is invaluable to have your opinion on what works, what doesn't, and options for changes!! And yes, Stud Muffin is a real keeper in my book too!

Barb~ Yes, I am working on this tote to sell and it is for groceries or anything else you'd want a take along tote for. As for the word verification thingy, it will just keep down the automatically generated spam that floods people's boxes, since the computers can't read the funny. crooked letters. Well, at least that's what I'm hoping for!

Bitterbetty said...

That was a remarkable sacrifice. It rivals the selling of my man's titanium mountain bike to buy me an "engagement" ring for our tenth wedding anniversary.

Catty Ax Lady said...

I have to admit that although I'm not a Corvette fan (shocker), I do understand attachments to vehicles...and I sucked in a huge breath when reading that Studly sold his 'vette! What a man!!!

I love the tote. Post if you decide to Etsy them please :)

Lisa said...

I must agree with you all... Stud Muffin is "the man!" When we were just dating (back when dinosaurs walked the Earth,) all my friends wanted to know if he had any brothers, just like him! Sorry, he's an only child.

I haven't had any time to work on the tote project. Spent yesterday battening down the garden for possible tornados, working myself into a red sweat, only to have to devise a different plan when the wind wrecked the first one! Maybe today I can get some sewing done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy! I'm very proud of your tote bag :) And my princess looks adorable!

Not Quite Grown