Monday, April 14, 2008

Post number 99 1/2

{Edit: Oh that Penny, she's so fast! She's already snapped up this set of veggie bags! I promise I will get more made ASAP!}

{Edit, Edit: Stud Muffin has suggested that if anyone wants to pre-order a set of 3 veggie bags (or multiples of 3) @ $6 a set plus shipping, to let me know and tell me what color scheme you'd like for the raw edge leaves. I hope to have them ready to send out or list by the end of the week.}

Okay, this really isn't my 100th post. I just wanted to say that I have added one set of three reusable produce bags to the shop.

I made six bags today, but Penny gets the first set since I stole her idea of a fabric leaf shape to finish off the end of the drawstring ribbon. I will be making more sets of these as soon as I get some more netting!!


AleciaMarie said...

I would like to place my pre-order! I want 3 of your fabulous bags, and my favorite color is green (but I would take any color!) :)

Penny said...

ooohhh, I cannot WAIT to get them! they are so eco-fashionable it's insane!!!

DarlingDes said...

I am going to see aleciamarie's bags that you make for her and then I might be hitting you up for a set myself! :)

Lisa said...

Darlingdes ~ Welcome to my little blog! I hope you and Alecia both like the produce bags. I feel so cool taking them to the market!!