Friday, April 18, 2008

The early bird...

gets the bird from Mother Nature!

Or in my case... frozen tomaters!

The heinous Goddess of my gardening world backhanded me for starting a day or two early moving the tomato seedlings into the real world!

I lovingly planted and fed them, erected row covers to protect them, and worked to secure the row covers in tornado strength winds. I watered by hand, since my sprinklers are out of commission. I TALKED TO THEM, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!

This is so embarrassing!

My friends at St Brigid Farm, Sugar Mountain Farm, and The Barefoot Gardener are going to take away all my Princess Gardener points! (*Snap!*)

I'm not happy. Mother Nature is laughing at me! And then She felt a little bit bad, and has been trying to make it up to me.

Steve has new finery.

A new pear growing.

I'm not ready to forgive Her yet. Maybe I will if some of the crispy tomatoes recover and start growing anyway. In the meantime, I'm going to pout!

Okay...(shake it off, shake it off!) I have started my very own sweat shop sewing produce bags, except I'm the only one sweating. Is that how it is suppose to work?!?

It seems as fast as I can list the veggie bags on Etsy, they get snapped up! Nice problem to have, but, as I told Penny, I might have to hire myself a wife!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my anniversary post for a chance to win a bunch of junk really cool stuff from me! I will use HPFM on Sunday night to determine the unlucky poster winner!


Anonymous said...

I'm a winner I just know! Love you sis, how are you people so together that you actually leave for the store with the cute bags????? I would NEVER have them in hand when I finally made it to the store. Christina

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Mommy! I know you would have enjoyed this class probably more than I did. If you're interested in reading any of the books that you haven't already read, let me know and I'll keep them out for you. I love you and I can't wait to see you soon!

Almost Grown

Lisa said...

I'm sorry that you are experiencing weather issues. I'm so glad that I don't have anything outside yet, because we got snow today! Snow! In mid-April. That is crazy weather for Western Oregon.

Lisa said...

Christina~ You are supposed to put your produce bags in your really cute eco-fashionable shopping tote and keep it in your car! The hard part is remembering to put it all back in the car after you get home!

Thalia~ Are you home yet???

Lisa~ Would it be tacky of me to ask people to put my tomato plants on their prayer list?? If it snowed here tomorrow, I doubt that I would be surprised! Weird weather. Hurumpf!

Walter Jeffries said...

Wow! Dirt! My daughter and I just started our seedlings. We're way behind you. Your tomatoes may be fine if you can keep them warm from here. They are remarkably resilient. We get cold winters and deep snow but still get volunteer tomatoes all over the place from seeds the chickens spread.

Lisa said...

I don't think that would be tacky at all!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was home yet. It's been hailing here something fierce. And I have a nasty migraine again. It has definitely not be a good day for me.

I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. And then to come home for a while. I miss the property... and hopefully the weather will be nice for me!

xoxo, Almost Grown

MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@all the creepy people coming out of the woodwork for a couple of knicker veggie bags ;)

Dam shame about ya tom plants.... finking it was a tad early meself, but then, you are miles away and what the hell do I know about anything lol.... looks like you have a great plot there though, envious or what :)


AleciaMarie said...

Don't feel bad, I just managed to kill my SECOND round of tomato seedlings :(

They just don't seem to like the desert much!