Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sister Hand Grenade of Patience

That's the signature line of a woman who posts on a message forum I read. I like it. At times it describes me perfectly. I want it (done) and I want it (done) now!

So, I've gotten into a work routine lately:

Wake up, or rather be woken up by large doggies rooting around under my pillow, bouncing my head up and down until I fall out of bed. Peel open at least one eye, grunt at Stud Muffin, feed horrid wake up dogs, and make a cup of coffee. Get inpatient (and not for the last time, no doubt) that the coffee takes too long to brew. Snag a cup anyway and choke on how bitter the first inch or so in the pot it.

Stare mindlessly at email until both eyes are open, if not looking in the same direction. Grunt some more at Stud Muffin and aim a kiss in his direction. Send him off to work.

Throw on dirty gardening clothes (since I'm only going to get dirtier!) and head outside with canine helpers. Pick a flower bed, grab my over sized blue bucket tub and weed poking thingy and start jabbing at the Bermuda grass that has taken over said flower bed. {Note: After a nuclear attack, the only things to survive will be cockroaches and Bermuda grass!}

Perhaps this one?

Or maybe this?

Ignore dog with orange squeaky toy until she leaves it under my bum when I reach for more hateful weeds. Fling toy for the eighth hundred time this morning. Wrench and tear at grass until bucket is full or my back has seize up, drag bucket to compost pile and fling the whole thing into compost bin.

Retrieve blue bucket tub.

Decide I am too tired to properly stow the tools so I leave them.... wherever. Admire my accomplishment and sigh at what remains.

Peeled back grass from here yesterday.

Ripped out grass and dinky shrubs, replanted and mulched here today.

Kick at stray mulch as I struggle into house. Start the shower and realize that it is only 9:30 AM and I am ready for a nap.

Run various errands in town, come home whooped to dogs who have been sleeping and are now ready to play. Pretend to "keep house." (MIL: Stop nodding your head!)

Go to studio and start sewing produce bags or whatever. Sew until dogs want dinner. Pretend to have idea for dinner for Stud Muffin. Make something up for dinner. Collapse in front of TV with Stud Muffin until eyes start closing and head is bobbing around on neck. Go to bed. Start all over again.

Okay, so that's my schedule these days! To date, I have sold 78 produce bags, with 9 more on reserve. Since I clearly have nothing else to do, I thought I would add something new, but want opinions first.

These are some reusable bulk food bags I made today. They are made of rip stop nylon, lined, with an attached ribbon tie. I made a set of three sizes, for buying bulk food like flour, grains, nuts, seasonings, or whatever else.

You can even fold them up and store them in the smallest bag!

Okay, so what do we think? If I had a Whole Foods Market around here, I would use these. You think these are a viable product??

Oh, and since using crochet hooks to hold my eyes open at night didn't work, I made this.

As my friend MarmiteToasty, the naughty wench, says, "Enough twaddle for today!"


Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh my...I'm tired just reading what your daily schedule is!! Yet somehow, yours seems so much more rewarding than mine, lol.

As for the bags...they are lovely, but I'm giving an honest opinion here. I wouldn't use them, specifically because I'm a "box" girl...I have very little storage space in my kitchen (how could the largest room in the house have the least amount of storage??), and what I do have, I stack. The bags would get piled, and I'm afraid they wouldn't look as organized as I'd like. You know...because I'm the queen of organization (cough cough).

I do think there's a market for them though, with people who aren't as spacially challenged as I am in this house. And I LOVE the color of the fabric you used on them!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your comment! I forgot to add to my schedule Take Tylenol at four hour intervals!!

As for the bags, I think most people would use them just to get the product home from the store and then transfer it to their permanent storage.

What I am thinking here is for stores (like Whole Food, and health food stores, etc) that have those bulk containers that you help yourself to the quantity you need. You end up with even more thin plastic bags with a scoop of baking powder, a couple of scoops of couscous, or whatever.

I like the colors too! Teal with light blue on the inside so you can see your stuff!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh my...... what a lovely life, ya a lady of leisure lol..... ya mean ya managed to snag a hubby that dont make ya work out in the world for a crust? ya jammy sod...... oh how I long to own a bit of land and grow grow grow and have me chickens and make my crafts and knitting to earn that little bit.... sigh....... does your hubby have an old brother spare? LOL

The bags are greats, I tend to store loose stuff in large jars.... but I do have a bag like that with a giraffe on the front that I use as a wash bag and 'hospital knicker' bag lol

Oye and stop nicking me twaddling words LMFAO


MarmiteToasty said...

ps....... ya knitted a hot water bottle cover??? lol


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, I love those bulk food bags! They are fabulous.

poor darlin', sounds like you need to take a day to sleep.

AleciaMarie said...

I love the bulk food bags! How much do they weigh?

Lisa said...

Marmy~ Stud Muffin makes the money, I do the manual labor!! I can just picture you trying to stack these food bags in your cupboard! They're just for getting the stuff home from the store, you silly goose!! And, although what I crocheted was a shopping bag, you could use it to carry your hospital knickers in style! I hear your ARE rather large!! LOL

Barefoot... It's been so long since I've had a nap, I think I forgotten how to do it!

Aleica! I figured you would *get it* about the bags! Are we the only ones who have ever been to a market with bulk foods?? Okay, the large one weighs 1.1 oz, the medium .8 oz and the small .3 oz. Not too bad!!

Penny said...

Lisa, I can't wait until I can ax the words g.o.t.o.w.o.r.k. from my schedule! I'd much rather work 10 times harder at home than somewhere else! I like the idea of the bags, but what kind of material are they lined with?

Lisa said...

Penny! I agree. I would rather (and do) work harder on the property than at any J.O.B.

The bags are lined with the same rip stop (in light blue) as the teal exterior. The lining allows all the seams to be sandwiched together in between the layers and avoids food getting caught in the seams.

Lisa said...

I love them and if they were in my budget, I would totally buy some. I buy in bulk from our local natural foods store all the time, in fact about the only thing I ever buy in a box are crackers. I have my own produce bags, which I made a couple of months back, but didn't ever get as far as making some of these, because frankly, I don't like sewing as much as I thought I did.

Thalia said...

My mommy's so crafty!! Good job on the produce bags! I would gladly help you do all that manual labor if only you'd let me stop torturing myself with statistics. It hurts my head :-(

Almost Grown

Penny said...

Hi Lisa,
just a head's up that I tried to email you yesterday at your aol account and it was returned twice? do you have a new email you could send to me?

letitiah said...

I like the colours in those bags, but I'd be afraid of them falling over! could you stabilize them somehow?

Lisa said...

These bags aren't really meant to store your things in. They are meant to tote your bulk goods from the store, home to pour into your glass or plastic long-term storage containers. They just replace plastic bags, which would also fall over and not be reinforced.

(I'm not the Lisa who owns this blog, just a fan.)

Celticspirit said...

I love the set of three bags you made as well as the crocheted bag!Very nice.