Sunday, May 4, 2008

Up to my eyeballs!

I am up to my eyeballs with work! My schedule from the last post shows no signs to evolving into one of eating bonbons and watching romantic movies anytime soon!

There still seems to be some confusion about the purpose of the new teal and light blue food bags. Let me see if I can do a better job of explaining it:

If you live in a cooler, hipper place than I do, there may be stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats or local health food stores that sell things like flour, oats, couscous, etc out of large bins. You can scoop out as much as you want and put it in a thin produce bag, and label it for the checker. When you get home, you empty the plastic bags into a Tupperware container or glass jar or whatever your preferred storage container is... and throw away the plastic bag.

Photo by bcmom

These bags that I have made are supposed to be an eco-friendly reusable alternative to more plastic bags. They come in sets of three (one each large, medium, and small) and are intended to be taken to the store like the other reusable bags. The difference is that these are made from lightweight nylon material that will not leak flour all over you as the tulle net ones would!

Bulk food bags.

I have lined each bag with light blue rip stop nylon in such a way that the seams are sandwiched together and won't get "gunked up" (technical term) with food as you use them.

Did I do a better job of explaining this time?? I know if you don't have stores around that sell "bulk food" you may have trouble picturing all of this. That's okay. I live in the fat South, and the only thing "bulk" around here is the people!!

Other that sewing like crazy, I am still working in the gardens. Went with Stud muffin to Home Depot today for more metal edging to finish (naw, just keep working on) this chore:

In front of the house *mostly* finished! Next up, mulch!!

Steve got some new decorations.

Stud Muffin doesn't like geraniums, so I put them waaaay out here on Steve.

The veggie garden is growing right along. Garlic is quite high.

The raised beds are very full. The early stuff needs to grow and be harvested so there will be more room for the heat loving plants.

Tomatoes in front, peppers in the middle, and peas in the back.

Anyone need oregano? Got plenty!

I was going to post pictures of my little fruit trees with tiny little fruits started, but Blogger is being dorky. So imagine fuzzy little peaches and apples with a couple of bitty pears thrown in!

So this week will be spent frantically cleaning up for the arrival of MIL and BG (Borrowed Grandpa) who will watch the doggies while Stud Muffin and I are off to see Almost Grown graduate from college! Yeah for AG, not the cleaning part! We also get to see Not Quite Grown for the first time since Christmas!


Penny said...

Hi Lisa, love the garden/yard photos. Everything looks so green there! Our trees are budding out here finally and the crabapples and bradford pears now have blooms. Warmer temps are on the way for sure!!! Although I do love the idea of the bulk bags, I rarely buy in bulk at our whole foods. Guess I am just lazy. If I ever do start though, your bags will be the first thing I purchase!!! You did a great job on them!

Lisa said...

Thanks Penny! I don't get to buy in bulk :( unless I want fried chicken by the ton! But I thought the bags would make a nice addition to the Etsy shop. We'll see what happens!!

Celticspirit said...

Your garden and your yard both look great! Now I understand what those blue bags are for. I don't know if we have stores around here that sell in bulk. I haven't seen any yet. Did you come up with the bulk bag idea yourself? I think it's a great idea.

DarlingDes said...

I might have to get some of the bulk bags if you decide to make them. I got the produce bags in the mail yesterday and they are SOOO cool! You had them wrapped so neatly; I felt like it was my birthday and I was opening a present!! I loved it!!

I love the little tag you put on them (and I think Alecia was a little jealous that hers didn't have tags). We'll post a pic of us using them at the market tomorrow. :)

Lisa said...

Des~ Glad you like the bags! Can't wait to see pictures! Tell Alecia that "early adopters" often notice changes in future offerings. But, they were smart enough to recognize something neat early on!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Your garden is great.... love the little window boxes on the shed thingie...

Do you do those bags big enough to shove a kid in? cos they would be well handy for me lol


Lisa said...

Marmy~ Glad to hear you are still among the living! I actually was thinking of making some bags out of that bulletproof Kevlar stuff. That way, the little blighters couldn't get out even if they remembered to bring a gun!!

Celticspirit said...

Where are you Lisa? I imagine you are busy sewing...sewing...sewing! Do your hands hurt yet? Good luck in your new business endeavor.

barefoot gardener said...

Hellooo! Anyone home?

You haven't abandoned me, have you?

MarmiteToasty said...

flicking those eyeballs into the veggie patch lol......