Friday, May 9, 2008

I should look like the Terminator!

By all rights, I should be buff and tone, with a nice tan! Instead, my arms drag behind me on the ground, I can't pull my t-shirt over my head, and I have a funky farmer's tan!

All because of mulch!

Front walkway with new mulch!

I drove my pickup to the nursery and the sales lady told me that it would hold two "scoops" of mulch! Scooped by a Bobcat with a large bucket on the front. Yeah, it didn't hold two scoops, it held one scoop with part of it on the ground behind the truck! So the Bobcat operator said that I could come back and get the other scoop later.

So I hauled it home and about killed myself unloading the entire truck full of mulch with a pitchfork! I think my face turned a new shade of red doing it! Something along the lines of Pre-Stroke Magenta!

Just dump it out and go back for more!

Once unloaded, I had to haul it back for the second load! Of course, I was too tired to unload it that day, it would have to wait til the next day.

This is the second load partially unloaded, 'cause I forgot to take the picture before I started! I had to raced to unload it all before picking up the in-laws at the airport!

After you unload it, you gotta spread it around! On your hands and knees!

Eventually, I just backed the truck to the bed and started flinging out the mulch! I even resorted to shoving it out with my feet!

But isn't it pretty?? I may never move again!

So, I'm taking my gorilla arms, my Stud Muffin and heading to Almost Grown's graduation!! Back next week!!


Lisa said...

Shoveling mulch or compost is such hard work!

Have fun at the graduation. Waving from just north of your destination!

Anonymous said...

Shoveling shit now are we????? You are a farm girl at the core, who knew! Everybody is so nice on this blog, hope you don't mine a little shit and stuff sometimes. Love Me

Lisa said...

Lisa~ Waving right back at you! Oh! And the lovely soap arrived today. Thank you!! Post to follow.

Me~ If it had been shit, i would have said so. Also there were be pictures of shit snowmen and stuff around the yard! This was M-U-L-C-H. And feel free to leave me wonderful feedback on my Etsy purchase from you!!

Celticspirit said...

Well look at the bright side, you got tons of exercise and your yard looks fantastic! Have a wonderful time at your daughter's graduation.

Anonymous said...

It looks loverly mother :) I should be seeing you today :'( But I'm not....

DarlingDes said...

The yard looks great!! All your hard work paid off!

OH, and my mother LOVED the produce bags. I gave them to her for Mother's Day and all she could talk about was going to the market on Wednesday to use them. "Everyone is going to ask where I got these", she said. :)

letitiah said...

i wish you'd been able to take a picture of yourself kicking it out with your feet. that sounds fantastic.

Lisa said...

Letitah~ That would have made a great photo, but I was too busy having a stroke trying to finish in time! I did think about snapping a picture of my mulch covered white legs and stained shoes!!

barefoot gardener said...

Your gorilla arms are well worth it....the beds look fabulous!

Have a great time at graduation!

Penny said...

Lisa,the flower/bush beds look great! I love shredded cedar mulch, it looks so lovely next to green plants. Hope you're having a great trip!