Monday, May 19, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Another picture heavy post about my garden. It's kinda like my baby, you know!

Every morning, when I let the dogs out, I go and check on my garden. I just love seeing what seems like overnight growth out there!

Carrot forest in the early morning shade.

Spaghetti squash plants

Look! A baby spaghetti squash!

Peppers, tomatoes and peas.

I have been pulling out the row cover frames and stringing up a nylon rope trellises for all the vining plants. I think I've cleared out every store around here for stakes, but then, I won't need to buy them again next year.

I even have baby apples that look like apples!

A few "puzzy" peaches, as Almost Grown calls them.

So, I am trying to get recovered from the travel (Did I ever tell you I hate air travel ?) and stay ahead of the produce bag orders. Now that AG is home, we have some big outdoor projects to tackle; painting the fence, installing the drain system, putting down a small patio section where the grass won't grow, etc. I don't know how much we can get done while she's here, but we will make a start at least.

The pain in my shoulder is subsiding, but the burning in my elbow (which I thought was connected to the shoulder problem) won't go away. It feels like the sensation you get when you bang your funny bone, only it never stops! Back to the doctor today for my help, before I rip my arm off and beat myself senseless with it!

And so starts another week, down on the farm!


Lisa said...

Your garden is lovely! I have been mostly a garden failure this year. Our strange weather threw me off and I don't know if I can recover now.

Anonymous said...

Pretty garden mommy! I wish I was there to help you with the painting and stuff :( But alas, I must work....I love you guys!

Not Quite Grown

Lisa said...

Thanks gals! Lisa, I'm sure something will work out in your garden, the season is young yet!

NQG~ I wish you were here too! you are surely missed! (Keep earning the big bucks to take care of me!)

barefoot gardener said...

beautiful pics!

I you have a pinched nerve causing all this pain? what is going on with that?

Celticspirit said...

Beautiful Garden! You planted one of my favorite things....spaghetti squash. Yummy. Here's a neat way to cook it that I learned from one of my daughter's when they were taking cooking class in school. Cut the squash in half and scoop out all the seeds. Then spread dabs of butter on the cut parts. Then sprinkle with garlic and herb seasoning. Cover with plastic wrap. After cooking 30-45 mins until the strands of *spaghetti) are tender, scrape it all out with a fork and mix with some grated parmesan cheese. You can add a little more butter too if you want. Yummy!

Celticspirit said...

I forgot to cut it in half the long way and it's cooked in the microwave. :)

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh how I love your raised veggie plot, and it all looks like its coming up roses as we brits would say....

Your posts reminds me of that song....

Ya neck bones connected to ya thigh bone, ya thigh bones connected to ya arm bone, oh the way of the lord LMFAO....

ok ok so I aint got the words right but Im sure you know which song I mean.....


Catty Ax Lady said...

I am so jealous, you don't even know!! I don't even like spaghetti squash, and I'm still jealous! And you have so much land! Some day I will get down there to visit you, since you are basically just a hop, skip and jump away. And think of this...when Miss Junior Mint makes her appearance and grows a little, she and the boys would make great slave labor!! (Uhm, just kidding...sort of).

Still hoping to have enough left over to order some produce bags. I'm signing up for the Grocery Game, which tons of my friends rave about (and show me their receipts and their savings), so I'll give it a go.

Your elbow shtuff does sound like a pinched's hoping you got that sorted out, because I can totally feel your pain.

Thimbleanna said...

Your garden is looking great! Sorry to hear about your arm -- hope you get it fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here:

The farm really is beautiful. Lisa is rapidly getting a green thumb and we are both very optimistic about her various crops this year.

As to her elbow(s) we were both suffering from the same discomfort. Now let's face it, that is highly unusual. So, I propose that the problem is largely a function of how hard and how often we throw toys outdoors for Sassy. I have stopped doing it due to my work schedule and do not have the symptoms anymore.

I think Lisa needs to get a kick ball or something that does not require the effort she puts forth for her beloved dog. Hard to do, I know, but she have a big farm to look after and it does not get easier when you are in pain. I would be interested in any other thoughts on this topic from all of you who are her Blog World Friends. What do you think, should Lisa rest those "doggie toy throwing" arms for a while and see if it helps???

Anonymous said...

MIL here-----if it hurts when you do that, don't do it anymore!!! Bet SM is right on the money so Miss Sassy will just have to play with her people some other way .
The garden really is amazing when you realize that Lisa (who has green thumbs up to here shoulders) has done the work all herself. Do try not throwing for a while and hope that is the cause of your pain.