Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fence painting update

Well. We worked so hard today, and yet it doesn't look like much! Almost Grown and I started at about 7:30 AM to put the first coat of paint on the arbor and figured we could certainly get the second coat on too before quitting for the day. Yeah, right.

First thing this morning.

Let's start by saying that today was the hottest and muggiest day we have had so far. And this arbor has so many little corners and joints and rough cut edges!!

AG hard at work.

Now, normally, at this point I wouldn't have my camera out, but I had to take a break from painting to attend to a small problem. You see, our canine helpers got bored when we wouldn't get off the ladders and play, so they went for a little adventure. After a while they returned, but not until Nick had enjoyed a roll in the bull poop and a dash (or 12) through the muddy creek.

Look at that face!!

So a time out was needed for a dog bath on the lawn. Believe me, even vanilla dog shampoo can't cover up the smell of fresh bovine excrement!

But then it was time to get back to work. AG graciously painted the overhead stuff inside of the arbor, which left me with the underside pain-in-the-*ss pieces. The humidity had risen and the temperature was approaching 90 degrees. We had been at this for about 3 hours.

Progress being made.

There will not be one comment made about the beached whale who CHOSE to wear striped pajamas and a fat suit while painting in the midday sun!

This was a sneak attack with the camera! I object!

My true feelings on the matter.

So after almost four hours, and only one coat completed, we conceded defeat for the day and retreated to the air-conditioned house, glasses of water, and cool showers.

On another front, there has been no improvement on the road repair since the repair guy is finishing up a county job. In fact, the road has continued to disintegrate. This was the road back in March:

Looking down the road from the top. Small erosion that required a bale of straw to drive the Buggy over.

A couple of days ago, I drove the Buggy around the other way and found this.

Looking up the road (opposite of the previous shot.) See the straw bale nowhere near the side of the road?

So, that was the day. There is a chance we will have thunderstorms tonight, so we will have to see how wet and humid it is tomorrow, before torturing ourselves with the arbor again.

Til then, I am paint covered and pooped, but happy with the progress!


Anonymous said...

Naughty poopie dog face! But I still love him :) The arbor looks really great!!!

Ness said...

The arbor looks great! I commend you for painting in the heat and the humidity. And your dog planned that little outing so you would have a chance to get cooled down by the water!

barefoot gardener said...

NOW I remember why I kind of like not having a dog! :)

The arbor looks great...only a few for days worth of painting to go, huh?

Lisa said...

Started at 6:30 AM today and just finished at 10. Much less humidity today (yeah!) Got the second coat on and it looks much better. Depending on the weather, the fence comes next, maybe tomorrow. THAT should go a lot faster!

And yes, Ness, Nick is so considerate of my need for water play in the heat of the day, don't you think? Although it did actually feel good!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Arbor...that's what that thing is called!! (mommy brain). I LOVE it white...that's what I was hoping it would be. I'm in love with the cleanness of white paint, espcially in outdoor or other colorful settings.

Now a 6:30am start...that's worth admiring. I was mucho asleepo at that time, due to being awakened much of the night by house-rattling thunder and blinding lightning.

I expect the road to be finished post haste, please. Thank you. ;)

Celticspirit said...

The arbor looks great. You deserve a lot of credit and getting out there in that heat and humidity and doing such a good job. I like your pajama pants by the way. Too cute.

letitiah said...

the arbor really stands out, now, though! be proud of your good work1

Lisa said...

Thanks, gals! Got one half of the fence done with one coat before the humidity got us again. Started at about 7 AM. Quit at 10. And now it is raining and thundering! Thank goodness the paint sets up fast!

BTW, the PJ pants are some down and dirty drawstring pants I whipped together last summer to keep the bugs from biting me when I gardened. Mucho unflatteringo!