Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm so boring!

Attention Kmart shoppers! Would the owner of this snakeskin under the shrub please come claim their property and promptly relocate to another farm?!?

This is a post about having nothing to post about, well, because I'm so boring! Oh, I'm doing stuff and enjoying having Almost Grown home, but nothing is really blog worthy.

Same sh*t, different day.

Yesterday, I weeded the spaghetti squash bed, which for some reason, all the weeds have taken up residence in. Then I used the last of the nasty, soggy straw from last year to mulch the bed in the hopes that the weeds go to some other neighbor's veggie patch. All in all, the job took longer than I thought it would.

With the sun full up, and me in full sweat, I decided to tackle another area of metal edging, especially since as he drove away to work, I told Stud Muffin that I was going to do it. Me and my big mouth!

AG struggled out, blurry-eyed, as I banged away at the edging with a mallet right outside the bedroom window. But with a shot of coffee in her system, she readily helped me with the last half of the job.

Okay, a bit wonky, but we were following the lay of the land!

Having sweated out more liquid than I had taken in, I had to peel my clothes off like a wet bathing suit before taking a cool shower. A couple of glasses of water later, and I simply had to lay down for a bit of a rest. Okay, I admit it! It was only 10:30, but I had worked hard!!

Then it was homemade chicken salad sandwiches and homemade vinegar and honey coleslaw for lunch. After a quick trip to the Piggly Wiggly, it was home for housekeeping. (I told you this was exciting stuff!)

Laundry was run, tables were dusted, AG Swiffered up enough dog hair to make a puppy, and I vacuumed up the "puppy" and residual grit and dirt. Sassy, who thought the old vacuum was a playmate and would bring it balls to nudge, is not so sure about the new canister vac. She keeps trying to engage it in a rousing game of fetch, but it just doesn't "get it!"

AG was ready for her nap (a requirement of the recently graduated) and I went to my studio to finish an order of produce bags that had sold in the morning. Stud Muffin came home from work early, startling the sleeping dogs on the studio floor, and I thought they were going to attack the car as it went up the drive!

Dinner of spaghetti and ice cream sundaes followed by some relatively boring television rounded out the day. AG and I harvested the first of the snow peas, which I would show you, but we ate them right there in the garden!

Peas still filling out.

Bedtime came early, as we (AG and I) have hot plans (literally) to start painting the fence this morning before it gets too hot. Going to be 89 later today and 91 tomorrow.

Left to right as seen from front porch.

Dog doesn't need painting!

Not too much fence to paint.

Aren't you glad you popped in for a visit??


Catty Ax Lady said...

What color are you pinting the fence? Are you painting the trellis too (oh geez, I don't even know if that's what that's called)?

Somewhere, one of my parents has a picture of me as a very youngin, sitting in between rows of peas, eating them straight from the pods. You can barely see the top of my head over the pea plants, lol. Good times.

Your landscaping looks so good already! Is that another jealous bone in my body???

Snakeskin? Not so much, but thanks anyway.

MarmiteToasty said...

Even when you say you have nuffin to blob about your posts are wonderful lol..... your garden is just so lovely.... can you see me green face of envy from right over there lol....


Ness said...

Hi Lisa. I'm Ness from DachshundStrong. I came across your site over at Catty Ax Lady's. Your gardens and yard are beautiful. I got extremely tired just seeing all the work you've done. I will go back and catch up with your blog. Congrats on your new graduate. My son graduated with his BA in History on May 9 and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army the next day. Kids sure keep us busy. Have a great holiday weekend.

Penny said...

I'm with Kelly, what color are you painting the fence? Lisa, your land looks absolutely amazing, how did you guys fare with the washed away road ordeal?

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oooh, good question Penny! I dont' remember seeing an update about the road. But I've been flighty and here and there lately, so maybe I missed it. You know, if I'm going to travel 5-6 hours to see you after I'm done with my candy making (Little Miss Junior Mint), there'd better be a road for me to get there on!! ;)

Lisa said...

You guys are so funny!

We are painting the fence and arbor white to match the porch railings. I will post some pictures of today's effort later. We got 1 coat on the arbor (with all the nooks and crannies) before the heat and humidity got to be too much. Another coat tomorrow, then maybe start on the actual fence. That part will be much easier and go faster... I hope!

Ness~ I've seen you over at Catty's too. My daughter got her BA in History on May 11! Best Mother's Day gift I've ever gotten!!

Marmy~ You face looks fine to me girl and is a much better shade than you knee! And don't you go getting jealous, you've got chickens!!

Penny~ The road hasn't changed, well except to get worse. I am still waiting my turn with the road guy. I will call him on Tuesday after the holiday weekend and see where we're at. There will definitely be a road to travel when you get here Catty!