Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost Grown is a Graduate!!

Whoo hoo! She did it! And Stud Muffin and I got the fly across country to make sure there really was diploma in the fancy leather folder. Inconveniently scheduled for Mother's Day, we crammed in brunch with Tech-Nija (the fiance) and his family at the sorority house, the graduation, and a fancy Mother's Day/Graduation dinner at Carl's Jr.

Happy AG and Stud Muffin

Almost Grown and Tech-Ninja

AG, TN and his family: his mom between them and his Aunt on the end.

While waiting for TN and his family to arrive at the sorority house, I snuck upstairs to assess the work ahead in getting her moved out. This is what I found!

Holy Cr*p!!

We have to fit all of this in her little car??

And this??

This is half of the boxes to be mailed!

The graduation was typical, except that it was held in a large tent, on a sunny but windy day. And did I mention that it was only 50 degrees out? The maintenance men were handing out blankets to those of us flash frozen to our folding chairs. I would have taken a picture of that but my fingers were frozen!

I did sneak forward a bit to see if I could snap a few shots of the "awarding of the very expensive piece of paper."

There was lots of lip-locking and tonsillectomy action going on!

Oh alright! Here is a token photo with me in it. Ack!

We had until noon the next day to get her out of her room, and after a trip to her storage unit (yes! Even more stuff!) and two trips to the post office, we got it all out! Whew! The next day, I took off for the airport while AG and Studly drove to Reno to move her in with her sister, Not Quite Grown, in their new apartment. The two road warriors will fly home this weekend, but poor NQG has to keep working at her new job so she can support me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed!

I flew home to relieve MIL and Borrowed Grandpa from doggie sitting duty. They did a wonderful job, including weathering a severe thunderstorm, and the dogs were happy and healthy!


Sassy begging for tummy rubs from MIL

And so we are "One Down, One To Go" on the graduation front. Thankfully, I have two years before the next one. I'm pretty sure I can recover by then! In the meantime, I am woefully behind in my sewing and the produce bags are flying off the proverbial shelf!


barefoot gardener said...

Congrats to AG! Sounds like you had a really fun trip.

Anonymous said...

In fact, I am at work right now earning money so I can support you!! Aren't you lucky? Kiss my puppies for me!

Not Quite Grown

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh how very proud you all must be.......

LOVE the photos......really loved them, how lovely to keep with your memories..